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DANIEL’S POEM December 1, 2011: It keeps changing shapes and sometimes it looks like prose. It’s in a collection of poems that all call themselves something with the word “Book” in the title. Like this one, “The Book of [...] by

NAOMI’S POEM November 30, 2011: I hate to use the poem on the back of the book but that’s the one I wanted. I was at the San Francisco Zen Center last week and Paul Haller, the abbot, a man who I have heard speak many times and I [...] by

HERMAN’S POEM November 16, 2011: I think someone literally shoved a pile of books in my hand this fall. I think I was stooped and looking at his stuff – Here, take em, he growled like I might be a little too shy to accept this [...] by

RAE’S POEM November 8, 2011: I like when Rae tells us in a reading that her poem has sections that are separated by numbers but she’s not going to read them.  I mean there’s a world of information in that remark about how a [...] by

ROSA’S POEM October 31, 2011: I was just looking at this poem by Rosa Alcala called “Pedagogy.” It’s a poem about a woman looking at another woman and each of them is a woman of “another” generation and “another” [...] by

ANSELM’S POEM October 25, 2011: Anselm Berrigan’s poem is sixty five pages long. It ambles, it shrugs, it generally has an only stoic relationship to meaning. Like meaning might be someone he has a working relationship with. They [...] by

RICKEY’S POEM October 17, 2011: Rickey Laurentiis’s poem is one of the great ones. A poem that upon hearing aloud at a deliberately queer reading at AWP instantly became part of my vocabulary and I wanted to hear more and have [...] by

ARIANA’S POEM October 11, 2011: I think of poetry mostly as something that trails off a little bit. I think of poetry as something that doesn’t happen in the page at all, and not in the reading either, but a little bit in all of [...] by

EILEEN’S POEM May 1, 2011: Wrapping it up on the plane and even if I’m doubling up and Harriet can’t use this piece – is double dipping ok on the last day of poet’s month – I’m thinking about the recent poem of [...] by

ALAN’S POEM April 30, 2011: is very New York. There’s jokes about sandwiches growing lousy in the heat of a rotisserie and then of course the regimen of an endless social reality:   Every performance implies a spotlight, [...] by