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bernadette’s poem April 29, 2011: I’m always protesting that I’m not a passionate Bernadette Mayer reader. I was handed a tan pamphlet somewhere – I only regret that Harriet does not have comments because they might read this [...] by

ABRASIVE MACHINING April 28, 2011: I’m reading a poem by Paul Foster Johnson called ABRASIVE MACHINING   It goes:   aided your thought process you self-styled outsiders sharpening sticks against your enemies. Some of us [...] by

Anna’s poem April 27, 2011: Is three, or I guess four. I’m thinking of three people approaching a lake. The poems are more like movements than poems. I guess when I say movements I mean a kind of wash of meaning. But not [...] by

Violi April 26, 2011: It’s been a year of many deaths and maybe all years are but the poetry world seems bent by loss right now. Leslie Scalapino this time last year. Akilah Oliver died last month. This month Paul [...] by

POETS’ STRIKE April 21, 2011: I was at the gym a few days ago and I was mulling a piece of writing I was working on about an artist Oscar Tuazon. He’s a sculptor from the northwest who lives in Paris. His sculptures are kind of [...] by

Menopause Party April 18, 2011: I think of poems as made by doing as well as not doing as well as by who you do them around. I went to one of the most amazing readings a few weeks back and it was organized by Nathaniel Siegel and [...] by

Kill Harriet October 12, 2009: I just had it on my list for days. It means write my last post. I did it. Anything I write from this word on is gravy. I’ve enjoyed the battles, Harriet, I’m grateful. I’ve even enjoyed my own [...] by

Yoga for Losers II October 5, 2009: I was in Maine last summer and Jennifer Moxley asked me why I didn’t get involved with the language poets since I was that age. I don’t even know how to answer that question simply. I actually [...] by

Yoga for Losers Part 1 October 3, 2009: The following is the first of two parts of a keynote I gave at the Advancing Feminist Poetics Conference at CUNY last week… I have a bunch of things I’ve been reflecting on lately and I [...] by

Pharmikon September 30, 2009: Just read Maggie Nelson’s Bluets which will soon be in a bookstore near you. It’s an uncategorizable piece of writing composed of numbered philosophical statements which consider the color blue, [...] by