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Oye Poeta! April 30, 2010: Was traveling today and just wanted to send off a quick and humble so long before the month is gone. It’s been a true honor to swim with you all this month. A thank you to Travis Nichols for [...] by

if i raised my boy the way i wrote poetry April 28, 2010: (this is not a response to Kenny but merely a pilfering of a title in the act of its displacement settled into my own need for its new placement within my personal zeitgeist pilfered by an even more [...] by

an exercise on an exercise April 26, 2010: archie is now family-friendly with betty, veronica and kevin…juliana spahr is connecting everyone with lungs, point a to b…dagwood will always hinge his mouth open to fit that impossibly huge [...] by

the pressure of inspiration (where’s that piece about those apples) April 23, 2010: I am participating in an art event which neccesitates a newly created PO-EM-PI-ECE based on the art being celebrated at the event…now, it’s one thing by

amialarmistnotbeingalarmistamialarmistnotmeright April 21, 2010: Here at the end of the edge, the terra sin mecca, and all us poets trying to get a word in before the month is gone. Before the mouth disappears by

I’ll steal your poets like I stole your bike April 19, 2010: I was a speed-specialist on my high school track team. A post-adolescent ‘Rican zooming through the hundred yard dash in McComb’s Park in the shadow of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. On the [...] by

magic maker April 17, 2010: A possibly benign question posed to me recently, “are words sounds or concepts,” seems like a starting point. I had a list poem I was working on last year which couldn’t stop itself [...] by

The conference as a point of light April 12, 2010: In the poem, the body of the poet. Every poem the poet, not a metaphor, not a symbol, not a representation, not just the poet’s words…but the star stuff, the connective tissue, the [...] by

That hombre within walking distance April 7, 2010: Jeez, a smorgasbord of borders to infiltrate! Right off the bat, poet’s theater as a page infolded…yeah! A walk through the language-y to arrive at the poet-y, just to get tripped in [...] by

My normal is better than yours April 2, 2010: Here a hello for all ye hipsters, haymakers and halcyon hoverers. Happy to return here for the next few weeks, as I never had a chance for a proper goodbye in January. by