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Small talk January 5, 2010: “Ah, day by swift malignant day / A window full of ancient things, and while / Forth from din, I wave the visible world away” by

The one thing December 31, 2009: “The poet has only one thing to write, and does so for the lifespan of the poet, the one thing is—the writing,”  by

Trampoline=Po√2 December 21, 2009: The trajectory of this year’s poetry bathing has taken me from total immersion to arid heave. Since moving two years ago, from the molten core of the globe’s poetry universe to the [...] by

Exercise on a color December 16, 2009: The woman steps over a crack while holding her morning coffee. by

Found text #2: Because I can… December 14, 2009: jd >> fact that it is my edited selection of words. What is writing besides >> picking out words and putting them together in a frame? If I’m picking >> the frame and the [...] by

Found text #1: Life just got life-ier… December 9, 2009: This is a 2-part (or multi-part, considering the amount of territory to cover) discussion about interior monologues and found-text as resource. Posed as a series of questions to writers whose work is [...] by

Here away from there… November 26, 2009: my likely set of eyes, hovering flotsam over gene pool. just checking on my connection. whether that needs some juice or maybe a bit of interference. by

Señor Smith to you. November 19, 2009: Write what you know. But I don’t know! The floor creaks when I walk up the steps, even when I’m not there. I am facing a national personality triage. The nation is not america but poesie, [...] by

To Vaya in the Viva of Time November 15, 2009:   The crowd arrives in a burst of flashlights and tango. The ears primed for tin can cantatas. The white-dressed flamenceros waltzing with the cubists. by

Buffer Zone Galactica November 6, 2009: Reading with Will Alexander at the Poetry Project recently was a fabulous experience. One of the layers I walked away with was his between-poem chatter-as-parable. by