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I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone April 30, 2011: Somewhere in my notebooks are definitions for “adage” and “aphorism.” I wrote them down while reading a poem by Anna Moschovakis titled “Untitled.” When I re-read it, I open the [...] by

According to Beauty April 28, 2011: Photo Credit: Rachel Eliza Griffiths Soon April will end and I’ll be as guilty as the editors behind the fashion shoot in O Magazine’s April poetry issue. I spoke with a few of the featured [...] by

O at Open Books April 4, 2011: By day and night, Christine Deavel is the co-owner of OPEN BOOKS, Seattle’s poetry-only bookstore. She likes her clothes to help sell books. Case in point: She hopes her sweatshop-free, organic [...] by

Harriet as Facebook News Feed April 30, 2010: With so many poets posting on Harriet in April, it has resembled a Facebook News Feed. There’s been too little time to read all of them and even less time to promote them. So here’s a cheat sheet [...] by

AT NIGHT THE STATES April 25, 2010: Instead of a FedEx shipping notice, I found a handwritten note lodged inside the cover of Alice Notley’s AT NIGHT THE STATES when it arrived. It read: Hello— I shipped this book to you once and [...] by

AWP: A Ponzi Scheme? A Gated Community? April 22, 2010: In an earlier post, Linh Dinh weighed the benefits vs. the hard realities of the MFA po-biz, and at one point concluded, “It really is a pyramid scheme.” But is it? Because of the great [...] by

Shadow Boxers April 12, 2010: When I read Daisy Fried’s nerdy poet category, I thought of poets who are garrulous, who write conversational poems that careen off in one direction, then veer to investigate a side conversation, [...] by

Harriet Flarf December 30, 2008: This post is partly what it’s like being one of Harriet’s ventriloquists. It splices text from Harriet bloggers, commenters, and anonymous robots who deposit semi-truck loads of SPAM for [...] by

Some Favorite Books of 2008 December 19, 2008: A few of these books were published last year, and there are definitely others that we’d like to point out to readers, but for the sake of brevity, we limited our picks. We hope you’ll [...] by

Hayden Carruth (1921-2008) September 30, 2008: I join with all the staff and board at the Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine in expressing my profound sorrow at the death of Hayden Carruth, who died last night at his home in Munnsville, New [...] by