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Reginald Shepherd (1963-2008) September 11, 2008: Reginald Shepherd died earlier this evening. We will miss you, Reginald. Reginald Shepherd’s Blog Reginald Shepherd’s Harriet page You, Therefore For Robert Philen You are like me, you [...] by

Man Reading Yeats at Wrigley Field August 14, 2008: Don Share wrote in response to Michael Robbins: And then B. [Walter Benjamin] says, commenting on the “ancient lament that the masses seek distraction whereas art demands concentration from the [...] by

Talking in Public July 15, 2008: A housekeeping post: We realized that unless we highlighted how commenting works on Harriet, she could morph from this…. into this… by

Agitprop vs. Poetry July 11, 2008: During the Vietnam War, both Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov “struggled aesthetically with the turn from lyric to public address.” The different ways that they resolved that issue destroyed [...] by

Christian Conceptual Poetry: Divine Authorship or Appropriation? June 11, 2008: Several Christian poets invented conceptual poetry long before Kenny G. All four claim to have composed–with the help of divine inspiration–a popular Christian poem called [...] by

Hellos, Goodbyes, and a Hiatus May 19, 2008: In case you missed Daisy Fried’s sign off from Harriet, it’s here, at the bottom of one of her wonderful dispatches from Paris. We’re going to miss her quips and critiques, and her exploits [...] by

Hellos and Goodbyes January 22, 2008: Our planned cycling of Harriet impersonators is causing some pangs. One regular reader Mary Meriam writes: “I understand Alicia’s [A.E. Stallings] days are numbered with you, Harriet. What a [...] by

From the Editors of Chicago Review November 4, 2007: After reading the numerous responses to Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young’s “Numbers Trouble,” Jennifer Ashton’s response, and our note, it became clear that we needed to make [...] by

Numbers Trouble via the Chicago Review November 3, 2007: View image View image We’d been hearing for a month or so about a forthcoming article in the Chicago Review called “Numbers Trouble,” an essay written by Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young [...] by

Essentialism? Say What? November 3, 2007: I’m eavesdropping; my hand cupped around my ear to better hear the conversation at the next table–a poetry clan is debating an article that has riled them—and it’s by one of their own. [...] by