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Harriet Sightings October 22, 2007: Should I bring my laptop,” Ange asked. “Sure,” I shot back in email, wondering if it was a Mac or PC? We, like you, first meet Harriet’s bloggers on the web, and then feel that we know [...] by

To Our Readers September 18, 2007: Where is Kwame Dawes? Did we muzzle Kenneth Goldsmith after his Madonna/Koons post? Why have Patricia Smith’s musings and shout outs slowed down? And who are all these newcomers prattling and [...] by

Ralph J. Mills, Jr. (1931-2007) via Peter O’Leary August 21, 2007: Peter O’Leary sent this note today: “The truly terrific Chicago poet Ralph J. Mills, Jr. passed away over the weekend. Here’s a link to his obituary in the Tribune today. And [...] by

Harriet is Reading You June 28, 2007: You are reading these words because your machine is reading code. The code instructs the machine how to respond to the clicks and keyboard strokes that you make in response to reading text. This [...] by

Indicator Species June 8, 2007: Recently, a reporter (Travis Nichols) called to ask why we publish Jim Behrle on our website. “Because he’s an indicator species,” I answered. His question got me thinking about other people [...] by

From Lebanon – Part Two via Tom Sleigh May 25, 2007: I spent the day in the Golan Heights, in a ruined Syrian town, Quneitra, absolutely destroyed in the 1973 Yom Kippur War between the Syrians and Israelis. Before the Israeli army withdrew after the [...] by

From Lebanon via Tom Sleigh May 22, 2007: Earlier in the year, we asked Tom Sleigh to write one of those Journals (yeah, the ones that C. Dale Young is missing so badly) from Lebanon where he was slated to travel as part of a cross-cultural [...] by

Outakes from Shanna Compton’s Podcast May 22, 2007: Hope you caught Shanna Compton’s podcast on our site this week about the poetry blogosphere. Here are links to the poets and blogs she mentions in it (via her blog): Reb Livingston’s blog [...] by

“Soft Skull is *not* over” May 21, 2007: Updated 5:40 p.m. thanks to Shanna Compton… Shoemaker & Hoard, soft skull press, and Counterpoint publishing houses were all purchased by Charles Winton and are being reorganized into a [...] by

Trackback May 1, 2007: About half our readers come from search engines and other places looking for poems to post on their blogs. Here’s a few linking to us today: 1. Can’t you put up some more? Chris Frizzale on the [...] by