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What I Learned Blogging for Harriet (after Alan Gilbert) November 30, 2008: That in response to postings, a lot of people prefer to send back channel emails than to publish their comments on site. That one criterion for death is the failure to communicate or respond. That I [...] by

What Is Eco-Poetry November 29, 2008: Owl Visitation recorded by visionary artist Thomas Ashcraft (play the brief movie clip at the site below) Thomas Ashcraft, Heliotown As globalization draws us together and industrialization and human [...] by

A Poet’s Life in the Palestinian Century: Don’t Look Away November 28, 2008: Adina Hoffman, author of the biography of Taha Muhammad Ali: My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness: A Poet’s Life in the Palestinian Century
 As Adina Hoffman notes in the Prelude to My [...] by

Europe: Don’t Look Away, 16 New German Poets
 (Burning Deck) & New European Poets
 (Graywolf) November 26, 2008: New European Poets
, Edited by Wayne Miller & Kevin Prufer (Graywolf, 2008) There’s a lot to complain about Graywolf’s New European Poets
, edited by Wayne Miller and Kevin Prufer, but [...] by

Uruguay: Don’t Look Away November 24, 2008: Melisa Machado For many of the people reading this website, the three best-known poets from Uruguay might be Comte de Lautréamont (born Isador Lucien Ducasse in Montevideo, 1846), Jules Supervielle [...] by

Hungary: Don’t Look Away November 20, 2008: In November of 1944, a Jewish Hungarian poet known for mixing innovative and classical styles, was shot into a mass grave with his notebook of last poems in his coat pocket. One of 3,200 Hungarian [...] by

Libya: Don’t Look Away November 18, 2008: Medusa Head On the north African coast where the Wadi Lebda meets the sea, just east of what is now called Tripoli, Libya, the Phoenicians built a trading post more than 3000 years ago. During the [...] by

Australia: Don’t Look Away November 16, 2008: From the deck of Robert Adamson’s house Hot damn, here I am, I was thinking as I looked out from the porch across the Hawkesbury River to the wild preserve on the other side. I’m right where [...] by

A Halloween Poem: Strange Are The Products October 30, 2008: George Oppen, New Collected Poems
 A poem written on Halloween in 1976. The poet was living in San Francisco on Polk Street where, four years later, I would be working in a methadone clinic. He is [...] by

Before the Elections: The Darkness Surrounds Us October 20, 2008: A recent Harriet entry by Olena Kalytiak Davis begins “As Mother Said” and soon enough mentions “driving.” The combination reminds me that I’ve wanted to write something [...] by