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May 2017 Cover Artist: Alexander Stewart May 1, 2017: Poetry magazine’s May cover is by Alexander Stewart, whom I first knew as founder and co-director (with Lilli Carré) of the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation. He currently teaches in [...] by

April 2017 Cover Artist: Victoria Martinez April 4, 2017: Poetry magazine’s April cover is by Victoria Martinez, who came to us by way of our failsafe friend Dana Bassett, development director for ACRE (Artist’s Cooperative Residence and [...] by

March Cover Artist: Shawna X March 1, 2017: Poetry magazine’s March cover is by Shawna X, an artist, creative director, and designer who also teaches mobile design at Parsons School of Design at the New School. I went a little nuts for [...] by

February Cover Artist: CHema Skandal! February 1, 2017: Poetry magazine’s February cover is by legendary artist CHema Skandal! While I have known his work from around the way, I never knew it by name. Then during a recent visit to the Sulzer [...] by

January Cover Artist: Armando Veve January 3, 2017: Poetry magazine’s first cover of 2017 is by Armando Veve, who charmingly introduced himself to us over the summer with the email subject: “Hi! Armando Veve, Illustrator.” I was [...] by

December Cover Artist: Janie Stamm December 1, 2016: Three wriggly snakes wound up on Poetry magazine’s December cover after a visit to my local street fair, Edgewater Arts Fest.  I was wowed by the many snake paintings, snake sculptures, and [...] by

November 2016 Cover Artist: Jessie Mott November 2, 2016:   Poetry magazine’s November 2016 cover features Pegasus by Jessie Mott, which was commissioned for Pegasus & Mermaids, a group exhibition of work by Poetry cover artists [...] by

The LaVerne Harrell Clark Photographic Collection: University of Arizona Poetry Center October 24, 2016: The University of Arizona Poetry Center is one of my favorite places in the world. Poetry Foundation Library Director Katherine Litwin and I have worked closely with their deft and generous staff [...] by

October 2016 Cover Artist: Marion Kadi October 21, 2016: The French painter and illustrator Marion Kadi first wrote to Poetry in May 2014, with the salutation “Hello from a distant shore…” Kadi included an array of work that she [...] by

September 2016 Cover Artist: Alexander Cohen September 6, 2016: This month Poetry magazine got a little help from our friends at ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions). Development Director Dana Bassett, formerly of Poetry Foundation, sent us [...] by