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To My Heart As I Go Along February 18, 2013: The space between our mouth and the people’s ears, or eyes, who receive what we make, that is holy ground. —Fred Rogers Poetry recently received a heartening email from artist and writer Paul [...] by

Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “Time To Be Clear” Video Premier September 10, 2012: Poetry magazine is pleased to debut a new Bonnie “Prince” Billy (a.k.a. Will Oldham) music video to accompany his essay in the June issue. Drag City says: Now Here’s My Plan is [...] by

From Snow City February 14, 2012: Poetry magazine recently received erasures of the May 2011 issue via Eric Elshtain, editor of Beard of Bees Press and poet-in-residence at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital through the non-profit Snow [...] by

A Show & Tell w/Art Chantry May 18, 2011: Poetry magazine’s May 2011 cover artist Art Chantry is most known for his poster art, but this month Poetry and Harriet readers get something more. We have Chantry’s cover homage, “A [...] by

Poem as Comic Strip Redux April 21, 2011: A few years ago this site published a short-run feature called “Poem as Comic Strip,” for which some of today’s most vital graphic novelists were invited to interpret a poem of their [...] by

Hunted by Eliana Perez March 19, 2011: Poetry magazine’s March 2011 cover art, “Lamp,” is by Eliana Perez, and is part of a series called “Hunted.” Perez says: In “Hunted,” the patterns on furniture, rugs, [...] by

Lupe Nero February 17, 2011: The editors at Poetry magazine are ever grateful for the work of our cover artists and art directors at Winterhouse—and this month we’re lucky from someone else’s loss. When we asked February [...] by

Essays for Robert von Hallberg February 1, 2011: Poetry magazine recently received this welcome dispatch from Chicago Review, with links to PDFs of knockouts from their latest number. From CR editor, V. Joshua Adams: Readers of Harriet may be [...] by

A Meeting with Oneself January 19, 2011: Poetry magazine recently exchanged e-mails with January cover artist Genevieve Simms, about her work. She says, Illustration from its beginnings has always been tied to a text. I find with my [...] by

LESS IS MORE December 20, 2010: Poetry magazine has featured cover art by Maira Kalman, Milton Glaser, David Byrne, and other greats, thanks to Winterhouse Studio. A lot of readers ask us how cover art is chosen for the magazine, [...] by