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Stop Making Sense November 15, 2007: Those drawings on the cover of November’s Poetry are of chairs. The chairs are drawn by David Byrne. Why did David Byrne draw chairs? by

GONZO PURO! October 16, 2007: At birth, before the umbilical was cut, Ralph Steadman pooped in the hand of the hospital nurse. This marked, according to Steadman, the “earliest manifestation of a Gonzotic event.” He claims to [...] by

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL July 18, 2007: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (YAB) is my favorite public art collective based in Chicago. by

Long Live a Hunger to Feed Each Other July 15, 2007: The best book-publishing story of the year is from Open City in New York. by

The Price is Right July 12, 2007: How much would you pay for a first-edition, one-of-500, Prufrock and Other Observations by T.S. Eliot of your very own? by

The White Issue July 6, 2007: Every time I pick up a copy of Chicago Review I learn something. They have a knack for special sections: Kenneth Rexroth, Lisa Robertson, Christopher Middleton, Louis Zukofsky, and Stan Brackhage(!) [...] by

“You’ll probably hate some of these poems.” March 29, 2007: An intern suggests to David Eggers that he publish poetry. Eggers says OK how? Enter The Poetry Chains of Dominic Luxford, section one in McSweeney’s three-volume Issue 22. Here’s how it works: by

The fair New Yorker is, sometimes, very amusing… March 13, 2007: Play with Wave Book’s erasures. Context be damned. by

“Irony does not mean simply, ‘things that suck.’” March 8, 2007: SoYouWanna interpret a poem? by

Nothing says poetry like Louis Vuitton March 6, 2007: Eros and Thanatos are in the house for this Def Poetry performance by Kanye West. by