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MaximusRocknRoll: Willie ‘Loco’ Alexander April 26, 2017: Micah Ballard had just returned from the Gloucester Writers Center, reading for his book Afterlives (Bootstrap, 2016), when I spotted it on his table: I’ll Be Goode (Fisheye Records, 2016), a CD by [...] by

Surrealism Is a Romantic Critique of the Avant-Garde from Within November 25, 2014: [Editor’s Note: Garrett Caples delivered a version this talk at the Poetry Foundation on November 6, 2014 as part of the Harriet Reading Series. Other “Open Door” features can be [...] by

Naked ‘Lunch’: Behind the Scenes of Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems June 18, 2014: No, I never thot of MEAT SCIENCE ESSAYS in relation to LUNCH POEMS. Comes closer to NAKED LUNCH. But I don’t think anyone will think it’s derivative. Too different….What the hell, so [...] by

Two Chicagos May 8, 2014: Carl Sandburg’s poem “Chicago” turned 100 the other day. That is, March 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of its original publication in Poetry, along with eight other “Chicago Poems.” Two [...] by

Vachel Lindsay: With the Submerged April 30, 2012: At a library book sale recently, I came across a copy of the 1925 Macmillan edition of the Collected Poems of Vachel Lindsay, with illustrations by the author, for a measly $3. Score! It’d been a [...] by

Creeley on Acid April 27, 2012: There’s been a rash of stories in the news lately about LSD, in relation to its possible effect on alcoholism and on the fear of death in the terminally ill. I was struck by the timing of these [...] by

A Plea for Kevin Opstedal and Blue Press Books April 25, 2012: The following news comes courtesy of Noel Black and Patrick James Dunagan. Noel Black: Dear Friends, the great West Coast poet and publisher Kevin Opstedal (Gas Magazine, Surf Zombie, Blue Press, [...] by

Kerouac as Poet: A Response to Cedar Sigo April 20, 2012: In high school, like many-a lad before me, I thought Kerouac was greatest writer ever. Back then I didn’t read poetry, but when I started to, I turned to his and found it wanting. Or put it this [...] by

Collaborating with Humpty Hump April 18, 2012: One day in 2006 I was driving around Oakland with Dontrell Mayfield, a.k.a. DOT, or Dotrix4000, or 4Rax. Dot is half of the production duo The Mekanix, having helped launch the careers of such Bay [...] by

Ancient MFA Program Discovered April 13, 2012: I’ve been ill for much of this week, so I devoted an even greater portion of it than usual to lying in bed reading poems. Illness seems to have brought me back to the motherland, which in my case [...] by