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Ancient MFA Program Discovered April 13, 2012: I’ve been ill for much of this week, so I devoted an even greater portion of it than usual to lying in bed reading poems. Illness seems to have brought me back to the motherland, which in my case [...] by

Laurence Weisberg and the City Lights Blog April 10, 2012: Periodically, when no one better is available, I find myself taking on the role of being Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s personal assistant at City Lights. This usually consists of opening mail—which [...] by

The Watts Towers as Poetry April 6, 2012: If I have one complaint about poets, it’s that they complain too much. These complaints usually boil down to I don’t have (enough) readers or I don’t get paid (enough), whereas it’s always [...] by

SINCERELY, BRUCE CONNER: A Final Work-in-Progress? June 29, 2011: As has often happened in my encounters with great artists, I had no idea who Bruce Conner was the first time I met him in the mid-’90s. I’d driven an art critic I knew to Conner’s house in the [...] by

The Poet and the Means of Production June 22, 2011: For a brief period, around 1992, I brewed beer, which in retrospect amazes me, because I’m not a handy fella, nor do I like to cook, and but for the fact the end product was 5 gallons of delicious [...] by

The Art of Doing Other Shit: Harry Smith, Brian Lucas June 15, 2011: I remember, not exactly when, but the feeling of when I first realized the Harry Smith behind the Anthology of American Folk Music (1952) was also the Harry Smith who made Early Abstractions (1964) [...] by

Becoming Visible: City Lights Spotlight June 7, 2011: [Note: I’ve been trying to blog about the new City Lights poetry series, City Lights Spotlight, but am dissatisfied with the results. Fortunately, however, Patrick James Dunagan, author of A [...] by

The Maestro: David Meltzer, Part II May 31, 2011: Prior to helping him assemble the collection that became When I Was a Poet, I knew little about David Meltzer or his work. Right before we met, however, I picked up a copy of The Agency Trilogy, a [...] by

The Maestro: David Meltzer, Part I May 24, 2011: Michael McClure invited Andrew Joron and me to a reading in the Berkeley Hills, as we wanted to consult him in the course of editing the (forthcoming) Collected Poems of Philip Lamantia. Contact was [...] by

Work, or The Man Who Shot Frank O’Hara May 17, 2011: it is how life as lived—is lived—. —Richard O. Moore, “Over the Shoulder” The other day Cedar Sigo and I went to Mill Valley to visit Richard O. Moore (pictured), who last year at age 90 [...] by