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Amanda Gorman Named National Youth Poet Laureate April 28, 2017: Poets & Writers reports that nineteen-year-old Amanda Gorman of Los Angeles has been named the first National Youth Poet Laureate! “The unprecedented title, to be awarded annually, honors [...] by

New Yorker Follows Morgan Parker to the Tattoo Parlor April 28, 2017: Did you know that “samo” (short for “same ol’ shit”) appeared as a graffiti tag in ’70s and ’80s NYC?, as painted by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Poet Morgan Parker [...] by

TLS Looks Into Malcolm Guite’s Mariner April 27, 2017: At the Times Literary Supplement, Kelly Grovier reviews a new book by Malcolm Guite that hypothesizes the inspiration for Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epoch-defining poem, “The Rime of the [...] by

Claudia Rankine & Will Rawls Discuss Self-Surveillance in New Performance Work April 27, 2017: Dance writer Siobhan Burke spoke to Claudia Rankine and choreographer Will Rawls for the New York Times about surveillance, “the already dead space,” the luxury of just dancing, and their [...] by

Christian Lorentzen Reviews Patricia Lockwood’s Priestdaddy at New York Magazine April 27, 2017: Patricia Lockwood’s new memoir, Priestdaddy, draws on her experience as the daughter of a Catholic priest. Lorentzen explains that it’s “part origin story, part narrative of her [...] by

The Little Magazine in the Present Tense: Sophie Seita & Danny Snelson in Conversation April 26, 2017: While their new issue is under construction, U.K.-based Hotel (“a magazine for new approaches to Fiction, Non-Fiction & Poetry”) is publishing great reads intermittently. Catching [...] by

‘All artists, not just writers, dream’: Nikki Giovanni Interviewed at Creative Independent April 26, 2017: Amy Rose Spiegel interviews legendary poet Nikki Giovanni at Creative Independent in a conversation about “trusting your voice,” history, and practice. Giovanni rose to stardom in the [...] by

Rosmarie Waldrop Wins 2016 L.A. Times Book Prize for Poetry April 25, 2017: This weekend, Rosmarie Waldrop won the 2016 L.A. Times Book Prize for Poetry! “The awards were presented Friday night at USC, hosted by comedian Tig Notaro, just before the opening of the [...] by

Read Derek Walcott Now April 24, 2017: Julian Lucas introduces Derek Walcott and his verse to New York Times readers by way of a handy “Walcott Starter Kit.” Lucas begins the article reminiscing about the first time he [...] by

Amelia Dale’s TRACTOSAUR May Decimate Our Concept of the Poem! April 24, 2017: Amelia Dale’s TRACTOSAUR (Troll Thread, 2015) is given overdue attention in a review by Australia-based poet Elena Gomez at Jacket2. “A central premise of Amelia Dale’s work is that it [...] by