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Andrew Schelling Reviews Crowded by Beauty: The Life and Zen of Poet Philip Whalen August 24, 2016: Today, you’ll want to wander over to Tricycle to read Andrew Schelling’s illuminating review of Crowded by Beauty: The Life and Zen of Poet Philip Whalen by David Schneider, published [...] by

Paris Review Tunes in to Kanye West’s Poetry August 24, 2016: From Paris Review’s “Department of Tomfoolery,” Dan Piepenbring reports on Kanye West’s latest contribution to the poetry world, a poem about McDonald’s in Frank [...] by

Jacqueline Woodson Talks Bushwick at PBS NewsHour August 24, 2016: The author of National Book Award-winning poetry collection Brown Girl Dreaming, and our own Young People’s Poet Laureate, Jacqueline Woodson is at work on her second novel, Another Brooklyn. [...] by

John Yau Reviews John Koethe’s The Swimmer August 24, 2016: At Hyperallergic, John Yau covers John Koethe’s tenth book of poetry, The Swimmer. It is apparent, Yau writes, that Koethe’s study of philosophy has made him into a “philosopher [...] by

An Interview Series With Information as Material August 23, 2016: The Conversant’s Sofi Thanhauser leads off the first of three interviews with the editorial collective information as material (Nick Thurston, Craig Dworkin, and Simon Morris). “The [...] by

CNN Money Reports on the Looming Sale of Langston Hughes’s Harlem Home August 23, 2016: Langston Hughes’s typewriter still sits on the shelf inside of his Harlem home that real estate agents speculate is worth as much as $3 million. CNN Money meets with Renee Watson, the Hughes [...] by

‘Do not blame us if you go crazy’: Spanish Publisher to Unleash the Voynich Manuscript August 23, 2016: Hold your hats! Washington Post writes that Spanish publisher, Siloe, has obtained the rights to clone the Voynich Manuscript–a legendary 16th century book written in a language that no scholar [...] by

Kanye West Poem About McDonald’s Included in Sold-Out Frank Ocean Zine, Boys Don’t Cry August 23, 2016: As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Frank Ocean’s new album, Blonde, has a three-cover publication-accompaniment called Boys Don’t Cry that was sold at various pop-ups in Los Angeles, [...] by

Barbara Berman Reviews Millay Selected at the Rumpus August 23, 2016: At the Rumpus, Barbara Berman finds much to admire in the new Selected Poems of Edna St Vincent Millay, edited by Timothy F. Jackson, and with an introduction by Holly Peppe. Regarding the process of [...] by

Sarah Hampson Reads and Ponders Emily Dickinson at the Globe and Mail August 22, 2016: Asked if there’s a book that “would make life on a desert island bearable,” Sarah Hampson remarks that reading Emily Dickinson’s poetry “provokes fresh thoughts about [...] by