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Kirsten Dunst to Direct The Bell Jar July 22, 2016: Mademoiselle! Kirsten Dunst is set to direct her debut feature, a film adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, reports the Guardian. More from Catherine Shoard: Dakota Fanning has been [...] by

Helen Guri Becomes Al Purdy at Al Purdy’s A-Frame July 21, 2016: Montreal-based poet Helen Guri writes for Brick about her recent time at the Al Purdy A-frame house in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Purdy (1918–2000), who published in his lifetime over thirty [...] by

Smithsonian’s Senior Historian Asks ‘Should We Hate Poetry?’ July 21, 2016: The conversation surrounding Ben Lerner’s new book Hatred of Poetry has reached the Smithsonian—Smithsonian Magazine, that is. The institution’s Senior Historian, David C. Ward, remarks [...] by

Colorado State University’s Center for Literary Publishing on Erasure July 21, 2016: Colorado State University’s Center for Literary Publishing’s blog hosts a conversation between Kristina Marie Darling and Sam Taylor: practitioners of “self-erasure.” Recent [...] by

Troll Thread Shows Us How It’s Done July 21, 2016: If you’re one of the thimbleful of people hoping to start a small press but not sure where to start, we’ve got an instruction manual for you, just out from the good folks at Troll Thread. [...] by

American Small Presses Thriving, Says the Atlantic July 20, 2016: The Atlantic covers the need for smaller publishing houses, looking at Graywolf, Coffee House, Dorothy, Two Dollar Radio, and Tin House. [W]hen editors and publishers feel they need to fight for [...] by

‘I write poems to devastate and startle myself’: Matthea Harvey in Conversation July 20, 2016: We missed this one last week—bummer! But now we’re taking the afternoon to get caught up with Matthea Harvey, who’s in conversation with Jane Huffman at Sundress Blog. Much ground is [...] by

Brazil’s Interim President, Michel Temer ‘Gets His Poetry On’ July 20, 2016: Described in this New York Times profile as a “button-down career politician whose demeanor is so cryptically ceremonious that his rivals liken him to a butler in a horror movie”—it may [...] by

‘Every Time I Write a Poem, I’m Still Starting From Scratch’: PBS NewsHour Meets Poet Kasey Jueds July 20, 2016: At PBS NewsHour, a conversation with poet Kasey Jueds. The author of poetry collection, Keeper, published by University of Pittsburgh Press in 2013, the profile begins with a look into the origins of [...] by

Stanford Scholar Looks at ‘Poetic Identity’ of Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini July 20, 2016: Stanford religious studies scholar Ahoo Najafian looks at poetry in Iran, writing for Stanford Report about the complex revolutionary themes in poems by the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who [...] by