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Poetry Suits the Unconscious, Says Frontiers February 22, 2017: In a recent article, published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Psychology, Professor Guillaume Thierry and his colleagues at Bangor University articulate the fascinating relationship between [...] by

Memory as a Form of Diving: Claire Donato on Joanna Newsom February 21, 2017: Poet Claire Donato takes to music criticism swimmingly, writing at The Fanzine about Joanne Newsom’s fourth album, Divers (Drag City, 2015), which “crystallizes toward the end of her [...] by

Lending a Helping Hand: The New Yorker Looks at Shakespeare’s Collaborations February 21, 2017: Fumbling through the interwebs this morning, we stumbled upon Daniel Pollack-Pelzner’s recent article in The New Yorker, a review of The New Oxford Shakespeare, with a focus on the radical [...] by

‘Nothing Is Ever Really Lost’: A Walt Whitman Novel Discovered February 21, 2017: The New York Times heralds University of Houston graduate student Zachary Turpin’s latest discovery, found deep within Walt Whitman’s archives. Remarkably, this is the second time that [...] by

On Nicole Brossard at many gendered mothers February 21, 2017: If you haven’t been keeping up with Canada’s many gendered mothers, a project about literary influence directly inspired by the U.S. website Literary Mothers, now’s the [...] by

Ezra Pound & The Bughouse February 20, 2017: The Guardian takes a look at Daniel Swift’s new book about Ezra Pound and his years spent unraveling during and after the Second World War. In The Bughouse, Swift examines the United [...] by

Fatimah Asghar’s Brown Girls February 20, 2017: Time profiles Fatimah Asghar, the co-creator (with Sam Bailey) of Brown Girls, a webseries based on the real-life friendship of Asghar and the series’s music consultant, which “explores [...] by

Verónica Reyes in Conversation at Letras Latinas February 20, 2017: On Friday of last week, Letras Latinas published the latest, and we’re told (sadly) final, installment of the interview series conducted by Notre Dame MFA candidate Luis López-Maldonado. [...] by

‘I Reached For the Books’: Rigoberto González on Literacy’s Power February 20, 2017: ] LA Times critic at large, Rigoberto González, shares his experience growing up in a family of immigrant farmworkers to paint a picture of literacy’s value in a democratic society. [...] by

With Arts in State of Anxiety, Dana Gioia Insists Federal Government Support the NEA February 20, 2017: Dana Gioia gets straight to the point in an op-ed for the LA Times: “No American president — Republican or Democrat — has ever tried to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts. [...] by