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The Third Place, Between Naming & Chaos December 7, 2016: Mary Ruefle’s writing–particularly that in her new book, My Private Property, a collection of short essays and prose poems–is looked at alongside Anne Carson’s Float, a [...] by

Jennifer Kronovet Tests Language as It Lies December 7, 2016: Jennifer Kronovet writes about “language in a time of lies” for Poetry Society of America. Kronovet, whose newest book is The Wug Test (Ecco Books, 2016), pricks our eyeballs with an [...] by

Poetry for Reckoning With Trump’s America: Faiz Ahmed Faiz December 6, 2016: After the recent United States Presidential Election, Rajat Singh writes “we have been taking stock of the catastrophic loss that Donald Trump’s triumph has hollowed out among our nation’s [...] by

Jo Malone Weighs in: How Can Poetry Translate Into a Gift People Will Buy? December 6, 2016: In the latest installment of her Evening Standard column “Ask Jo Malone,” perfume maven Jo Malone responds to a reader’s question about poetry, marketing, and value. The reader asks [...] by

Becca Klaver’s Empire Wasted Captures a Particular Sense of the Time December 6, 2016: “Divided into five sections that could function as stand alone chapbooks, Empire Wasted opens with a nod to Andy Warhol,” writes Gina Myers about Becca Klaver’s second collection, [...] by

Scout Reviews Lyn Hejinian’s The Unfollowing December 6, 2016: Lyn Hejinian’s latest book, The Unfollowing (Omnidawn, 2016), is reviewed at Scout Poetry. “Spurred by the irrationality of the death of a loved one, Lyn Hejinian’s The Unfollowing [...] by

Books Received: November 2016 December 6, 2016: Isabel Allende (editor), These Are Not Sweet Girls: Poetry by Latin American Women (White Pine Press) Elizabeth Arnold, Skeleton Coast (Flood Editions) Farid Ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds [...] by

Daniel Borzutzky Interviewed at Chicago Tribune December 5, 2016: On the heels of winning the National Book Award in poetry, Daniel Borzutzky talks to Kathleen Rooney (over email) at the Chicago Tribune. Borzutzky provides some helpful background to The Performance [...] by

WBUR Spotlights Poet Clint Smith December 5, 2016: Inspired by the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Clint Smith began writing poetry in 2008. He began studying education as a graduate student at Harvard the same week that Michael Brown died in Ferguson. In this [...] by

Fred Moten Discusses Stevie Wonder, Bill Corbett, With Yale News December 5, 2016: On the occasion of his reading at Yale, Fred Moten spoke with Yale News’s Zulfiqar Mannan about his early influences and current routines. “It’s funny; for a long time even though I was [...] by