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Exploring Language & Society Through Work of Jen Hofer & Rodrigo Toscano April 10, 2017: At Boston Review, David Micah Greenberg looks at “Poetry and Agency Under Trump.” “It is uncertain how art or artists will act in the short or longer term, but one form to watch is [...] by

‘All my writing is a single book’: Lillian-Yvonne Bertram at The Rumpus April 7, 2017: Though it’s billed as a “mini-interview,” there’s enough packed into this piece at the Rumpus to leave the reader more than satisfied. Lillian-Yvonne Bertram discusses a range [...] by

Somalia: A Nation of Poets? April 7, 2017: For National Poetry Month, Seattle public radio station KUOW interviews slam poet Hamda Yusuf on its program RadioActive Youth Media. In fact, as RadioActive’s Iman Mohamed reveals through [...] by

Lorine Niedecker’s Lake Superior Resonates in New Contexts April 7, 2017: At Ploughshares, Rachel Edelman extends her obsession with geologic inquiry to write about Lorine Niedecker and the Anthropocene. Niedecker “treats research and perception like a geologist [...] by

On Editing Marianne Moore: Heather Cass White at FSG’s Work in Progress April 6, 2017: At FSG’s blog, Work in Progress, Heather Cass White, who has spent the last ten years editing poetry by Marianne Moore, reveals the complications that surround gathering, selecting, and editing [...] by

Shelby Shaw Interviews Gramma’s Drew Scott Swenhaugen April 6, 2017: Seattle-based Gramma editor Drew Scott Swenhaugen speaks with Shelby Shaw at Fanzine about the newest Gramma ventures, which include the press’s first poetry collections, Ugly Time by Sarah [...] by

Books Received, March 2017 April 6, 2017: Alysse Aallyn, The Sacred Quiver (tredition) Seth Abramson (editor), Charles Bernstein (editor), Tracie Morris (editor), Jesse Damiani (editor), BAX 2016: Best American Experimental Writing [...] by

Yanara Friedland’s Uncountry: A Constant Move Between the Real & the Mythical April 5, 2017: Writer, translator, and Asymptote editor-at-large Poupeh Missaghi reviews Yanara Friedland’s Uncountry: A Mythology (Noemi Press, 2016) for EuropeNow, an online journal published by the Council [...] by

Split This Rock Interviews Freedom Plow Finalist Francisco Aragón April 5, 2017: As you might recall, last week we mentioned Split This Rock’s interview with 2017 Freedom Plow recipient, Christopher Soto, on its blog, Blog This Rock. This week, Blog This Rock presents [...] by

Forrest Gander Discusses Editing Japanese Poet Yoshimasu Gozo’s ‘Untranslatable’ Verse April 5, 2017: At Reading in Translation, Forrest Gander discusses a new editorial project that recently came to book-length fruition, thanks, in part, to the team at New Directions. Gander invited Sawako Nakayasu, [...] by