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On Hayim Nahman Bialik May 22, 2017: Mikhail Krutikov reviews a new biography of the poet Hayim Nahman Bialik at Forward. The biography, Hayim Nahman Bialik: Poet of Hebrew, by Avner Holtzman, published by Yale University Press, is [...] by

Adweek Introduces Mall of America Writer-in-Residence, Brian Sonia-Wallace May 19, 2017: Poet Brian Sonia-Wallace will be spending his birthday at the Mall of America this year. The Los Angeles-based writer is the site’s new Writer-in-Residence. He arrives at the Mall as the [...] by

A Crime Writer Exposes Her Relationship With the Poetry of Anne Sexton May 19, 2017: Karin Salvalaggio is the author behind the popular Macy Greeley Mystery Series (and more!). At Literary Hub, she writes about her relationship with Anne Sexton’s poetry, and the ways that [...] by

Timothy Yu’s ‘Not Silent’ May 19, 2017: At Isthmus, Timothy Yu discusses the inspiration for his collection, 100 Chinese Silences, and why it’s important to address the current moment in poetry. Linda Falkenstein’s Isthmus [...] by

Minnesota Public Radio Spotlights Bao Phi May 19, 2017: At Minnesota Public Radio, listen to Marianne Combs’s interview with Minnesota writer and spoken word artist Bao Phi. Phi, whose family immigrated from Vietnam in the 1970s and settled in [...] by

On Pop Music: Daniel Johnson Interviews Michael Robbins May 18, 2017: There’s a fantastic interview with poet Michael Robbins at Paris Review. Published on the site just yesterday, Daniel Johnson asks Robbins about pop music, the recent stylistic shift in his [...] by

Dan Chiasson & Christopher Lydon Talk About Robert Lowell May 18, 2017: Literary Hub hosts a conversation between Chiasson and Lydon about Lowell, and in particular, about the range of emotion exhibited in his verse. Their conversation pivots off of a nod to Kay [...] by

Anthony Madrid’s Limericks Shine at Paris Review Daily May 18, 2017: Paris Review Daily Correspondent, Anthony Madrid contributes a few good limericks to the web publication this week. Madrid wrote more than 300 limericks in 2013 until he was “made to [...] by

Literary Hub Interviews Alan Felsenthal May 18, 2017: At Literary Hub, writer Thora Siemsen contributes a perceptive interview with poet and publisher Alan Felsenthal. With Ben Estes, Felsenthal runs The Song Cave, a literary publisher that also [...] by

Paris Review Profiles Fonograf Editions May 17, 2017: Jeff Alessandrelli launched Fonograf Editions in May 2016 with Eileen Myles’s Aloha/irish trees. The vinyl-only label has swept the poetry world by storm, and promises recordings by Harmony [...] by