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Oh Vanity: Lucy Ives Introduces Triple Canopy’s ‘Vanitas’ Issue September 19, 2016: The newest issue of Triple Canopy explores that all-too-human self-reflective digitally-mediated stare, the selfie, as well as further meditations by poetry, music, and visual art’s most [...] by

Cy Twombly: Painter & Poet September 19, 2016: At Paris Review, Mary Jacobus presents pages from her book Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry in Paint to demonstrate how poetry inspired Twombly’s painterly work. These images, selected from my book [...] by

Cecilia Corrigan’s Misconceptions About Hillary Clinton Dramatized in New Video Series September 19, 2016: Poet, writer, and performance artist Cecilia Corrigan brings a fun one to BOMB. Starting this past weekend is the first installment of Motherland, Corrigan’s new video project, to be released [...] by

Mary Austin Speaker Reviews Danez Smith’s Black Movie September 19, 2016: Poet and book designer Mary Austin Speaker reviews Danez Smith’s Black Movie (Button Poetry) for Rain Taxi. The collection is described by Speaker as “a cinematic tour-de-force that lets [...] by

On Philip Larkin’s Photographs September 19, 2016: In the Threepenny Review, Tomas Unger reconsiders Philip Larkin’s photographs, which—like his poetry—exhibits a “a knowledge newly felt, founded on real seeing.” More: At least [...] by

Carl Van Vechten Receives His Due in Smithsonian Portrait Exhibition September 16, 2016: Alex Palmer reports on the rare opportunity to see a selection of Robert Van Vechten’s images at the Smithsonian this month. Thirty-nine photographs are on view in the museum’s “Heroes [...] by

University of Arizona Poetry Center Publishes Citizen Teaching Guide September 16, 2016: Suzi F. Garcia’s essay about teaching Claudia Rankine’s Citizen to non-poetry students highlights the need for complex discussion about race in academia, as well as students’s and [...] by

The Guardian Reviews Don Paterson’s Landing Light September 16, 2016: At the Guardian, Sarah Crown hails Landing Light by Don Paterson as a book that will give you hope. “[P]oetry, it seems to me, shucks off temporality and steps into a world of pure potential, [...] by

‘Not So Fast, OED,’ Says Shakespeare Scholar September 16, 2016: According to a new article by University of Melbourne lecturer Dr. David McInnis, published for the university, the Oxford English Dictionary may have falsely credited William Shakespeare as the [...] by

Hoa Nguyen’s Expert Violet Energy Ingots September 15, 2016: Hoa Nguyen’s latest book, Violet Energy Ingots (Wave) is reviewed by Ryo Yamaguchi for Boston Review. While Yamaguchi does attach the well-trod sense of “difficulty” to the poems [...] by