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Bill Knott Celebrated at Jacket Copy February 14, 2017: For Jacket Copy, Craig Morgan Teicher reveals one of his favorite moments in Bill Knott’s writing, newly collected in I Am Fying Into Myself (ed. Thomas Lux), and one of his favorite Knott [...] by

Wondrously Disruptive Conclusions to AWP 2017 February 14, 2017: Publishers Weekly’s Claire Kirch went to the Candlelight Vigil for Freedom of Expression, held in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, on the final day of AWP. The vigil, organized by [...] by

In Memoriam: Reading One of Tom Raworth’s Last Poems February 14, 2017: Martin Corless-Smith remembers Tom Raworth at Tarpaulin Sky. He also looks at Raworth’s “observing ‘i'” in what might be his last poem, “Previs.” Corless-Smith had [...] by

Frances Richard Reviews The Work-Shy for 4Columns February 13, 2017: At 4Columns, Frances Richard reviews The Work-Shy (Blunt Research Group, Wesleyan University Press, 2017). “The Work-Shy is a book of spare lyric poems interspersed with a few pencil drawings, [...] by

Filmmaker Ebrahim Golestan Discusses Poet Forough Farrokhzad February 13, 2017: Iranian filmmaker Ebrahim Golestan tells the Guardian about his romantic connection with poet Forough Farrokhzad. Known as one of the most significant voices in contemporary Iranian poetry, [...] by

Poetry Is ‘In’ at New York Fashion Week February 13, 2017: Fashion designer Tracy Reese invited four women poets to participate in her New York Fashion Week presentation yesterday. Reese describes her latest collection as a “celebration of the many [...] by

A Report From the Most Unofficial AWP Off-Sight February 13, 2017: For Ohio Edit, Anna Vitale’s “The Top 4 Wants As I Heard Them at Simone White’s Unofficial AWP Off-Sight” thematizes the readings and presentations given last Wednesday by Montana [...] by

Nicholas Kristof’s Donald Trump Poetry Contest Winners February 13, 2017: When Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times held a Donald Trump Poetry Contest, did he expect 2,000 people to enter? Last week, he published the winners. “Some people stand up to President [...] by

Kathy Acker & the Late 1970s Toronto Art Scene February 10, 2017: At Canadian Art, “Kathy Acker Goes to Toronto!” Jason McBride details the “evolving, competitive, fractious Toronto art scene” of the 1970s, and Kathy Acker’s visit in [...] by

Angela Chen on the Japanese ‘Death Poems’ Tradition February 10, 2017: At Paris Review, journalist Angela Chen weighs end-of-life verse traditions in Eastern and Western culture. Born in China, Chen’s parents didn’t give her a name until they immigrated to [...] by