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Kanye West Poem About McDonald’s Included in Sold-Out Frank Ocean Zine, Boys Don’t Cry August 23, 2016: As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Frank Ocean’s new album, Blonde, has a three-cover publication-accompaniment called Boys Don’t Cry that was sold at various pop-ups in Los Angeles, [...] by

Barbara Berman Reviews Millay Selected at the Rumpus August 23, 2016: At the Rumpus, Barbara Berman finds much to admire in the new Selected Poems of Edna St Vincent Millay, edited by Timothy F. Jackson, and with an introduction by Holly Peppe. Regarding the process of [...] by

Sarah Hampson Reads and Ponders Emily Dickinson at the Globe and Mail August 22, 2016: Asked if there’s a book that “would make life on a desert island bearable,” Sarah Hampson remarks that reading Emily Dickinson’s poetry “provokes fresh thoughts about [...] by

Bob Kaufman & the Legendary Co-Existence Bagel Shop August 22, 2016: Food and culture site Extra Crispy looks at the “beatnik bagel shop” that “never sold a bagel in its history,” but instead became a home for the Beat movement, hosting spontaneous [...] by

Christian Century Considers Adrienne Rich’s Collected Works August 22, 2016: At the Christian Century, Stephanie Paulsell recommends Adrienne Rich’s recently published Collected Poems: 1950–2012, with an introduction by Claudia Rankine, as the antidote to a [...] by

James Galvin’s Return: Lacunae & More at Washington Post August 22, 2016: At Washington Post, Elizabeth Lund spotlights several new collections of writing to appear on bookstore shelves this summer, including James Galvin’s Everything We Always Knew Was True, which [...] by

David Orr Suggests Another Reading for ‘The Road Not Taken’ August 22, 2016: David Orr writes for Lit Hub about Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” Have we been reading it wrong? Probably, says Orr. More: According to Lawrance Thompson, Frost had been [...] by

Robert Fitterman’s Nevermind: Offensive? Magic? August 19, 2016: More Nevermind! Robert Fitterman’s epic re-fitting (sorry) of the classic Nirvana album is reviewed by Laura Theobald at Fanzine. “[I]t seems we haven’t had our fill of [...] by

The Unacknowledged Legislators of the World Speak at Poets & Writers August 19, 2016: Who should advise the next POTUS? Poets, of course! They are after all the unacknowledged legislators of the world. Poets & Writers has taken the first step by bringing together a host of [...] by

WSJ Considers Seamus Heaney’s Relationship to Book VI of the ‘Aeneid’ August 19, 2016: According to WSJ’s Christopher Carroll, Seamus Heaney’s connection to Book VI of the “Aeneid” deepened as he searched for solace after his father’s death and the deaths [...] by