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Some Thoughts On Poetry Readings: Part Three (Legendary Gigs) March 26, 2009: I was there at the Six Gallery in San Francisco where Allen Ginsberg read Howl for the first time. (I suggested the venue.) by

Some Thoughts on Poetry Readings: Part Two (Various – and Occasionally Notorious – Characters Defined) March 21, 2009: (I offer the following lexicon in good fun. Your additions are most welcome.) by

Some Thoughts On Poetry Readings: Part One (A Lot of Less Is More) March 16, 2009: Recently, I agreed to take part in an upcoming poetry reading with an economy-sized premise: twenty poets read their poetry but for only five minutes each. A few years ago, a music critic, assessing [...] by

Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon: An Extended Letter for the Print Magazine which I’ll Just Post Here March 12, 2009: Until I read A.E. Stallings’ recent piece on rhyme for the print magazine – a future-classic-of-poetics-masquerading-as-mock-manifesto? – I was living, unbeknownst to me, a slightly complacent [...] by

A Few Quick Questions About the Education of Youth Circa 2009 March 7, 2009: A recent post of Annie’s got me thinking: do educators still make it a habit of forcing students to recite poetry in the classroom, before the students’ peers? (I had to memorize and [...] by

The Occasional Curse of the Duty-write March 1, 2009: The duty-read is slogged through easily enough and usually for good reasons: sometimes one needs to finish a book so that one can cross it off a list or take a test or assure an uncle or aunt (with [...] by

In the Year 2000 February 21, 2009: The current number of one of the better magazines in Canada asks a cross-section of smart writers and intellectuals to predict the state of the arts in 25 years. These are nervy folks, not unlike the [...] by

Child’s Play: A Reading of a Poem I Like February 17, 2009: One word that gets a lot of play in our critical writing – since the dawn of Derrida, anyway – is ‘play’ itself. We’re often wanting more of it, not less, and the freer the play the better. [...] by

The Poetry in the Prose: Part Two February 11, 2009: Last time around, I dealt with the unreadable poems of the fictional poets in Roberto Bolaño’s novel The Savage Detectives, or what one fellow blogger neatly dubbed, “dark-matter.” [...] by

The Poetry in the Prose: Part One (and If You Haven’t Read The Savage Detectives Consider Yourself Spoiler Alerted) February 6, 2009: The only piece missing from The Savage Detectives, Roberto Bolaño’s 648-page puzzle of a novel about avant-garde poets in Mexico, is, oddly enough, their poetry. In an online conversation with [...] by