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Lost and Found: A Reading of a Poem I Like January 31, 2009: In the audio commentary for his film Two-Lane Blacktop (1971), Monte Hellman notes the great advantage of working with “non-actors” like James Taylor and Dennis Wilson, innocent amateurs who [...] by

What’s On Your Desk? January 26, 2009: Unlike Seinfeld’s Kramer’s coffee-table-book-about-coffee-tables, Evie Christie’s Desk Space – a Web site devoted to writers’ desks – is much more than a novelty. by

A Brief, Belated Review of “Twelve Visual Poems” (edited by Geof Huth, from the November issue of Poetry) January 21, 2009: Actually, I don’t have too much to say about the poems themselves, which I found pleasant enough. But surely these poems deserve a livelier critical commentary than the polite one Geof Huth [...] by

In Defense of Dial-up Blogging and, Generally Speaking, Taking It Slow January 14, 2009: I’ve never blogged before. That sounds like an air-clearing confession, and in some ways, it is. Although I enjoy blogs, I have always done so covertly – which means I’ve been the sort of [...] by