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What a marvelous pursuit September 30, 2009: Today I come to the end of my hitch as a Harrieteer. My thanks to all at the Poetry Foundation for this opportunity, and to all of you for the lively conversations. I leave you with this short [...] by

SpeedReviews(TM) September 23, 2009: Poetry magazine people: How many review copies of poetry books do y’all receive? It must be bargeloads, because I’m just one low-rent sometime-freelancer who writes maybe five or six [...] by

Being Here September 18, 2009: “Here” at the University of Alabama’s creative writing program we’ve been enjoying this week the company of poet Juliana Spahr. Scare quotes exhaustively (and perhaps [...] by

Back to Skool September 14, 2009: "If you study malaria, you should live in the swamp." by

Today September 11, 2009: I was deep in the heart of the heart of the country on September 11, 2001, and spent much of the day trying and failing to fight off abstraction, to somehow worm my way into the reality. Poems can [...] by

Boox September 8, 2009: Quick: What do these books have in common? The Venus Hottentot, Elizabeth Alexander Louise in Love, Mary Jo Bang Controvertibles, Quan Barry Questions of Travel, Elizabeth Bishop Installations, Joe [...] by

Overheard in the hallway September 3, 2009: I only smoke when I have too much to do or not enough. * Music never makes me cry anymore. * All she eats is bananas. * “Silence of Lucky.” * Is there anything that’s exactly like [...] by

how give any spice to our truths, to our errors? August 29, 2009: When autumn approaches — or rather, when I start to long for its approach, knowing full well it’s still far off — I take my old frenemy E. M. Cioran down from the shelf and prepare [...] by

The old mule delivers the goods August 25, 2009: There are indeed many encouraging signs in the weather and in handshakes. Still there are those who mistake dark clouds for raffish hucksterism. They have never savored the elation of an empty [...] by

Hoodoo You Love August 24, 2009: The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens was the fourth book of poetry I ever bought, with a gift certificate to Schuler Books in Grand Rapids I’d been given for a birthday, probably my sixteenth [...] by