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they go up pretty easy August 18, 2009: How many passwords does Sharon Olds have? How many passwords does Seamus Heaney have? Does anyone other than them know what they are? The TIME Magazine in the dentist’s office is wondering what [...] by

taxidermy fiesta of revolutionary aquatic holidays lost August 17, 2009: I never thought about hurricanes very much until I moved to Alabama. Now I think about them a lot. Today’s an important hurricane day: at 5:00 a.m. Atlantic Standard Time, Tropical Storm Bill [...] by

Milhous as King of the Ghosts, by Rachel Loden August 10, 2009: Now and then I think I have something of use to say about poetry as a category, but generally I’m much happier talking about poems. What attracted me to poetry in the first place, I think, was [...] by

One of my songs spins backward, while the other plays forward August 4, 2009: OK, if that GIF is too annoying, just tell me, and I’ll take it down. Would be a shame, tho. Adrian Matejka’s second book of poems, Mixology, was published as part of last year’s [...] by

Renaissance redux? August 1, 2009: Pop quiz: What do Gore Vidal, Norman Mailer, Joseph Heller, Frank McCourt, Art Buchwald, Pete Hamill, Edward Abbey, Elmore Leonard, Mario Puzo, James Dickey, James Wright, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, [...] by

Recent books by Rick Barot, Chris Martin, and Karen Volkman July 29, 2009: Hi, Harriet. I’m going to do some more recycling! I wrote this review for some peeps and they never published it. I thought this was a bummer, not only because I’d spent time working on [...] by

In the stacks July 26, 2009: I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the role of the library in your life as a 21st century reader and/or writer. I taught a summer class this past June, and when I needed to mark papers or [...] by

What Is a Poet? July 21, 2009: No, no, don’t expect an answer from me; I’m just using my Harriet soapbox here to commemorate the 25th anniversary of a unique event in American poetry. In October of 1984, my friend and [...] by

Hayden Carruth (1921-2008) July 17, 2009: Last summer, I was asked to write something about Hayden Carruth, and I did, but the folks who had asked me to write the piece never published it. Carruth died in September of last year. He had been [...] by

Overheard in the hallway July 14, 2009: “How are you going to have sex with a carny if you won’t go to the carnival?” by