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Singing ‘An American Sunrise’ March 27, 2017: Joy Harjo recently sent us this recording of her poem “An American Sunrise,” which was published in the February 2017 issue of Poetry. The last word of each line in the poem comes from Gwendolyn [...] by

Journal, Day Five July 21, 2006: First sounds this morning: my soul finding the body, a phone message from Alaska of the “Airplane Song” being sung at the opening of the Eskimo games last night, and the calling, calling of [...] by

Journal, Day Four July 20, 2006: Today I got to listen over the phone to the calls and cries of the blanket toss competition at the Eskimo Olympics, going on right now in Fairbanks, Alaska. Tug-of-war is another of the events at the [...] by

Journal, Day Three July 19, 2006: There’s something about nines. I look forward to nines, the ninth of months, the eighteens that add up to nine, as do fifty-four and forty-five. Today is the 18th. So far it’s the same: hotter [...] by

Journal, Day Two July 18, 2006: I am up early, my shoulder scraping the dawn, just in time for the arrival of the drilling and sawing workmen next door. They have been at it for two months. Non-stop. Every day they arrive a little [...] by

Journal, Day One July 17, 2006: t’s late Sunday night in Honolulu. We are night sky, dark ocean, and a poetry of lights from here to Waikiki. Writing a blog is a little like writing poetry, songs, stories, or anything creative. [...] by