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two more cents on The Change May 1, 2011: Tony Hoagland’s poem, The Change, (pasted at the end of this post), seems designed to shock, and while it does that, it doesn’t do much more than that. It has successfully ruffled the feathers of [...] by

Speed chess is playoff basketball. Regular chess is golf. April 29, 2011: Here are some thoughts after reading Stephen Burt’s post. I learned to play chess as a kid, and was pretty decent for a while, able to sometimes hold my own with grown-ups, then I didn’t play [...] by

Devil’s Lunch by Aleksandar Ristovic April 28, 2011: Aleksandar Ristovic is a Serbian poet (1933-1994) with one book in English, Devil’s Lunch, translated by Charles Simic. Pasted below is the title poem, which is not the best poem in the collection, [...] by

Wolf Lake, White Gown Blown Open by Diane Suess April 25, 2011: In 2010, I received 180 poetry books in the mail. All had been published that year, and the single book, (by an author that I’d never heard of), that surprised me the most, the one that grabbed me [...] by

flashlight on LAURA MORAN April 22, 2011: I first encountered Laura Moran back in the first half of the 90’s, in the Poetry Slam world. A few years ago, we reconnected when she contacted me about doing a feature at the library where she [...] by

My Time of the Month April 21, 2011: Today I was walking in Trader Joe’s and one of the women who works there smiled at me, and I realized it was that time of the month again. Let me explain. Every month or two, I go to a barbershop [...] by

flashlight on the immigration debate: an interview with Lynda Letona April 19, 2011: Today I am interviewing Lynda Letona. I met her in Los Angeles, back in 1999, when I was doing a ten-session poetry workshop at her high school. She was one of the most talented high school poets I [...] by

introductions at poetry readings April 16, 2011: Tonight, I am introducing D.A. Powell at the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival. Since I am blogging, I will share what I came up with. For the record, I am a big admirer of Doug’s work, so praise [...] by

How Not To Return Home From An Out-of-town Poetry Reading April 5, 2011: Get up at 8:30 a.m. in Tucson. My host, Matthew Conley, swings me by the Poetry Center at the University of Arizona. A remarkable place: an entire building dedicated to poetry, with a library, [...] by

Tucson impressions April 4, 2011: One of the exciting things about being a poet is periodically getting to step out of my day-to-day and fly somewhere to read my poems. I’m in Arizona now for the Tucson Poetry Festival. Here [...] by