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Celebratory & Orgiastic Barrage of Smut April 10, 2017: [Excerpt from the notebook I kept in the fall of 2014 when I returned home to my native country, Sweden, to rewrite The Sugar Book, which was published in the spring of 2015.] *** Why do I always cry [...] by

My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 5, 2013: This was a great, volatile year for poetry—my list could have been much longer. I don’t think I’ve ever had a year when I’ve read so much poetry and been inspired, entranced by so [...] by

‘Corean Music’ part 6: The ‘Swedish Gurlesque,’ Sara Tuss Efrik and Stina Kajaso August 29, 2013: As most people who read this blog might know, “Gurlesque” is a word coined by Arielle Greenberg in 2001 as a way of describing Chelsey Minnis’s first book Zirconia, as well as a larger [...] by

‘Corean Music’ Part 5: The Ambient Violence of Rebecca Loudon, Marosa di Giorgio and Kim Hyesoon August 20, 2013: In my first four posts I’ve talked quite a bit about ambience and “ambient violence,” a term I took from Joyelle McSweeney. While “ambient music” is usually associated with “background [...] by

‘Corean Music’ Part 4: In Defense of Parapornography, ‘Plague Grounds,’ Solaris Poetry, and the Intoxicating Aesthetics of Too Much August 15, 2013: “Her eye saw not just beauty but incredible, delirious, drug-like hallucinatory beauty” – Jack Smith on Maria Montez 1. In my last post, I referred to Steve Burt’s essay on “The New [...] by

‘Corean Music’ Part 3: The Autobiographical Account of The Diabolical Music of Translation and Kitsch August 12, 2013: 1. Every immigrant knows that it’s impossible to translate. Every immigrant knows that it’s impossible not to. I started translating long before I became an immigrant. I grew up in the [...] by

‘Corean Music,’ Part 2: Ambient Violence August 5, 2013: [I should mention that this continues from my first post on Harriet, and also that Rauan Klassnik wrote a wonderful response to the post on HTMLGIANT, a post in the “humiliated” language of the [...] by

‘Corean Music’: Art and Violence August 1, 2013: In his 1895 study Corea, the English Victorian adventurer (and anthropologist, painter, etc.) Henry Savage-Landor writes about Korean music: This music is to the average European ear more than [...] by