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Lisa Robertson: improvisation and wandering April 30, 2012: And so, having interviewed (and spent a few days with) one of the writers whose work I have most loved, most lived with, I now find myself faced with a loss and a gain. I gain a friend, but a person [...] by

Time and the Poem April 24, 2012: This post is written on an Amtrak train careening from DC to NY. Having just been at George Mason University where I gave a craft talk, a reading, and a talk about publishing, I offer the following: [...] by

The Shape of the I Conference: Boulder and Denver April 19, 2012: I haven’t recovered enough to attempt even a provisional a summary of what was said. Instead, I’ll say this: We opened with Object Oriented Ontology represented by Tim Morton who spoke about the [...] by

Shame and the Shape of the I April 12, 2012: Maybe Rachel Zucker and Rodrigo Toscano are right. Maybe there are types of poets: those with powers (Bhanu Kapil and her divinations?) and those with weapons (Vanessa Place, reputed to have [...] by

On Not Writing April 10, 2012: “If it is one of those blank periods when my mind shuts me out then I feel as if I don’t exist. “Writing was a way of translating the world and locating myself within it.” Lavinia Greenlaw, [...] by

IT’S NOT CONCEPTUAL IT’S CONSENSUAL April 4, 2012: I figured if I put “conceptual” in the title of my post, I’d get more readers. Did it work? I’ll never know. But the topic of this blog post is “consensual” [...] by

April Fools April 2, 2012: All poets are fools. The word comes from Latin, “follis,” which means a leather bag, or a bellows. It comes to mean mad or insane or just plain stupid (I suppose) because of this image of an [...] by

On translating Apollinaire: Pilgrims of Perdition March 30, 2011: For almost a year I’ve been working on a co-translation of Apollinaire’s Alcoolswith Jennifer Pap, a close friend and a scholar of twentieth-century French poetry. Our motivations for this [...] by

The Making of This Part II March 23, 2011: (‘This’ At the Chocolate Factory) Or: on writing text for K.J. Holmes’s “This is Where we Are (or take arms against a sea of troubles)” Performed at The Chocolate Factory, L.I.C NY, [...] by

The Making of This: Part I March 15, 2011: Or: on writing text for K.J. Holmes’s “This is Where We Are (or take arms against a sea of troubles).” Performed at The Chocolate Factory, L.I.C NY, March 9-12, 2011 Performed by: Jodi Bender, [...] by