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Journal, Day Five March 17, 2006: I don’t crawl the web very much, unlike, I think, a lot of younger poets I know. I don’t get much pleasure from it, though it’s proven a convenient tool for looking stuff up. And I’ve only [...] by

Journal, Day Four March 16, 2006: Watching late night television last week, I came across that ridiculous movie, Twister—the screenplay could’ve been written by a computer, circa 1980—but was struck by the brief scene of a [...] by

Journal, Day Three March 15, 2006: Unfinished business. Something I left out of the essay on the “Best Of” anthologies (elsewhere on this site) significant to the argument about canon formation: that when it comes to contemporary [...] by

Journal, Day Two March 14, 2006: For about 15 years after graduating from college, I went to just about every poetry reading I could, which in the Bay Area (where I was enrolled in graduate school) was considerable. Now I hardly go [...] by

Journal, Day One March 13, 2006: Wondering about the apparent appetite for the endless voluminous discourse around poetry. Poems are difficult, but what is called poetics seems easy. I’m sympathetic to the commenter on Beckman’s [...] by