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Journal, Day Four April 6, 2006: Poetry and Community I turn 35 today. May I ask you for a gift? My name is Kazim. Growing up, I always believed this name to mean “Patience,” which pleased me. And a complex “patience” at [...] by

Journal, Day Three April 5, 2006: Poetry and Painting On a cloudy day, at the ocean, staring out at the horizon, one can see two things. That the earth does curve. And that the place at which the sky and the sea meet disappears. In [...] by

Journal, Day Two April 4, 2006: Poetry and Music The instruments I love the most are the ones that resonate—a cello, a double bass, the English horn, the oboe. I like to hear the drummer’s fingers move across the drum, or the [...] by

Journal, Day One April 3, 2006: Poetry and Dance Saturday evening I sat on the train platform of the Marble Hill station, looking out at the river, Inwood Forest beyond it, the sun setting behind the rocks. A long time ago, on the [...] by