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A day of Amnesty April 7, 2010: It turns out that there is a tacit agreement among poets and self-proclaimed readers and lovers of poetry that if a poem is just not making any sense to us, that we never admit it.  In fact, this [...] by

Why I am Worried About Being at AWP April 5, 2010: In 1987, something strange began to happen to me.  My eyesight began to deteriorate rapidly.  I was a graduate student in New Brunswick, Canada, and at the time, I could afford to see a [...] by

CALABASH DISPATCHES–SUNDAY May 26, 2009: As if on cue, Sunday morning of Calabash arrived with overcast skies.  The sofa in the wide living room of the suite I was staying in was getting old already. I was waking up quite early each day [...] by

CALABSH DISPATCHES-DAY THREE May 25, 2009: Pico Iyer and Paul Holdegraber are brilliant writers whose capacity to articulate with insight and relevance matters of politics, spirit and the basics of life is enviable.  This interview between [...] by

CALABASH DISPATCH–FRIDAY NIGHT May 23, 2009: On Friday night, the air is cool off the sea.  The breaths of wind against the microphone begin to suggest distant thunder.  A woman sitting beside me says, “Rain…”  I sit with my legs [...] by

CALABASH DISPATCHES 2009 May 22, 2009: The truth of the matter is that Calabash #9 may not have happened.  Why might this be important?  Calabash is a literary festival that takes place in a small village in a remote parish on a small [...] by

CALABASH 08—IMAGINE—Festival Dispatches May 31, 2008: Calabash 2008 – Sunday May 25th Calabash Sunday manages, somehow, to become something of a church service. Of course, the entire festival is about the word, and the spoken word and the received and [...] by

CALABASH–IMAGINE–2008 May 27, 2008: DISPATCHES Saturday Part 3 Very early on in the life of Calabash, we decided that it would be a good idea to partner with organizations and entities that had something to do with authors. We had [...] by

CALABASH—IMAGINE—Festival Dispatches May 26, 2008: Saturday Part Two The sky is clean of clouds. Standing on the stage, the sea stretches out towards the horizon, a sheet of turquoise with the interruption of surf a hundred yards out where the reef [...] by

CALABSH 2008–IMAGINE-Walcott May 25, 2008: CALABASH 2008–IMAGINE SATURDAY 1 The hardest thing to do is to find time to Blog at Calabash. All day the audience, true owners of this festival, will accost to ask questions, make suggestions, [...] by