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Always Almost Obsolete, Always Almost New April 28, 2010: Conceptual Writing is automatic. It operates most efficiently when machines perpetuate it subconsciously. Conceptual Writing is infinitely flexible. It is obvious yet discreet, insidious yet [...] by

If I were to raise my children the way I write my books, I would have been thrown in jail long ago April 27, 2010: [responding to Alan Gilbert, Mark Nowak, Linh Dinh, and Martin Earl] A common accusation hurled at Conceptual Writing is that it is elitist and out of touch, toiling away in its ivory tower, [...] by

Your Poems Will Never Go Out of Print! April 23, 2010: Dearest poets, the immortality of your poems that you have long desired has now been fulfilled. Your heartfelt couplets, your unique observations, your sensitive pronouncements on the fragility and [...] by

The Challenges of Twenty-First Century Writing April 16, 2010: Recently after I finished giving a lecture at an Ivy League university, an elderly, well-known poet stood up in the back of the auditorium and, wagging his finger at me, accused me of nihilism and of [...] by

A Textual Ecosystem April 10, 2010: Faced with an unprecedented amount of digital text, writing needs to redefine itself in order to adapt to the new environment of textual abundance. What do I mean by textual abundance? A recent study [...] by

The Zero Degree of Blunt Expediency April 7, 2010: Writing, like the new American business cycle, is unfolding today according to the logic of short-term efficiencies: agility, turnover, scale. Ever more scientific in means and pragmatic in its ends, [...] by

Provisional Language April 5, 2010: Language has become a provisional space, temporary and debased, mere material to be shoveled, reshaped, hoarded and molded into whatever form is convenient, only to be discarded just as quickly. [...] by

Marjorie Perloff Picks UbuWeb’s Top Ten for March 2010 March 7, 2010: Photo: Emma Bee Bernstein 1. Ernst Jandl, Bist eulen? 2. William Kentridge – Stereoscope 3. Samuel Beckett – Quadrat 1+2 4. Cheryl Donegan – Refuses 5. VerbiVocoVisual Concrete [...] by

UbuWeb Top Ten for Feb by Christian Wiman February 4, 2010: 1. Christopher Logue – “This is the final statement…” (1934-35) [MP3 link](From Aspen 7) 2. John Tavener – For Rene Magritte [MP3 link] (From Aspen 7) 3. Ed Dorn – [...] by

Women of the Avant-Garde December 10, 2009: [Karen Finley by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders] Women of the Avant Garde, Part 1 (MP3) Women of the Avant Garde, Part 2 (MP3) UbuWeb is pleased to present two special podcasts devoted to the fabulous [...] by