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Poets: Really, they’re the laziest, stupidest people I know. December 4, 2009: The following words are from Christian Bök, responding during a Q&A session  at Kelly Writers House, UPenn, November 18, 2009: “I think that my poetics makes it viable for me to excuse a [...] by

The Digerati Strike Back October 25, 2009: It was bound to happen: based on Paul Zukofsky’s recent draconian copyright comments, the digerati have struck back and posted a fully indexed, OCR’d PDF of A. by

The Tortoise And The Hare: Dale Smith and Kenneth Goldsmith Parse Slow and Fast Poetries August 10, 2009: Dale Smith: As a poet I’m invested in the history of poetics, its long lore, and its entanglements with philosophy, rhetoric, politics, and other modes of thought and conversation. For me, how we [...] by

The Voice & Dances of Merce Cunningham July 27, 2009: He will be missed. Merce Cunningham’s voice: http://www.ubu.com/aspen/aspen5and6/audio5D.html Merce Cunningham’s dances: http://www.ubu.com/film/cunningham.html by

All Avant-Garde All The Time: The Sounds of The UK July 23, 2009: All Avant-Garde All The Time – UbuWeb Podcast #9: The Sounds of the UK from the 1960s To Yesterday >>> Download Produced by The Poetry Foundation, UbuWeb is pleased to announce the [...] by

Conceptualism, Identity Politics & Globalization: A Response July 9, 2009: The following is a response to “Arif Khan,” who took issues with my introduction to the Flarf & Conceptual Writing feature, in particular with my statement “Identity, for one, [...] by

Flarf and Conceptual Writing in Poetry Magazine July 1, 2009: An introduction to the 21st Century’s most controversial poetry movements. From the July/August 2009 Issue of Poetry Magazine by Kenneth Goldsmith Start making sense. Disjunction is dead. The [...] by

UbuWeb Featured Resources: David Toop & Pauline Oliveros May 6, 2009: UbuWeb Featured Resources, May 2009 Selected by David Toop 1. Henri Michaux: Images du Monde Visionnaire 2. Yves Klein: Anthropometries of the Blue Period & Fire Paintings 3. Jacques Lacan: [...] by

UbuWeb Featured Resources February 2009 – Selected by Dennis Cooper February 24, 2009: UbuWeb Featured Resources: February 2009 Selected by Dennis Cooper 1. Alexander Kluge ‘Brutality in Stone (Yesterday Goes on Forever)’ 2. Ryan Trecartin ‘I-Be AREA’ 3. Alain [...] by

The Inaugurable Poem Remixes January 27, 2009: People Like Us “An Induction Is A Draft Is A Gust Of Air” (video version) PLU + RIAA “A Golden Induction” People Like Us “An Induction Is A Draft Is A Gust Of Air” [...] by