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“Is this the City? I’m at Western and Augusta, and I need you guys to get a poem out here ASAP.” April 25, 2012: Recently, a friend of ours gave my spouse and me this as a belated housewarming present: It’s a vintage poster from the early 1980s promoting Chicago’s now-defunct Dial-A-Poem program launched [...] by

Tell us more about this “project” of yours, Mr. Berryman. April 23, 2012: The chapbook-length essay “Poetry is Not a Project” by Dorothea Lasky was published in 2010, but I just got around to reading it this past weekend. (Hat tip to my Creative Writing student [...] by

Ice Cream at Key West Funerals: Is This a Thing? April 19, 2012: Last quarter, one of my astute undergraduate Reading Poetry students, Michael Ben Silva, turned in a midterm essay called “The Essential Gaudiness of Poetry: On the Difficulties of Understanding [...] by

“Most poems published are probably not ever going to be any good, as Randall Jarrell and others have observed.” April 16, 2012: Because re-Xing is the new X, and because reposting is the new writing, and because curation is the new original thought, I offer to you Bill Knott’s recent read-through of all the poems in the [...] by

Contents: One Acme Poem-Making Kit April 12, 2012: In his book Maps of the Imagination: Writer as Cartographer, Peter Turchi discusses the biography of the animator and cartoonist Chuck Jones, creator of the Looney Tunes characters Wile E. Coyote and [...] by

Type Unread is Dead: A Found Poem about Typography April 10, 2012: Recently, I was doing research in a book from 1948 called How to Be a Successful Advertising Woman edited by Mary Margaret McBride. On page 55 of the essay “A Background in Production and [...] by

Song of Myself(-Publishing): Let People Poems? April 5, 2012: Let People Poems is a WordPress blog dedicated to social self-publishing. It refers to itself as “a community of contributors” and declares itself to be “a level playing field.”  There are [...] by

Steel Cage Poem Death Match April 2, 2012: A colleague of mine devised the following first day activity for his Introduction to Creative Writing class in the interest of fostering a substantive and unintimidating discussion of poetry among [...] by

Hey Small Press! April 28, 2011: So, poets: how do printed copies of your books end up in libraries? Do they end up in libraries? What’s even going to happen to libraries? There have been plenty of stories lately about how [...] by

Talking with the Taxman about Poetry April 25, 2011: Is it worth doing stuff that you don’t get paid for? Earlier this year, I was emailing a friend who had just attended a really entertaining magazine release party that I — and eight or so people [...] by