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Take a picture; it’ll last longer. April 21, 2011: I’m a little late to the party on this one, but Gillian Conoley, I admire your Second Questions for Poetry post, in which you ask: “What is your palette? What colors are most often present in [...] by

All the ladies in the place with style and grace April 19, 2011: Amber Tamblyn, thank you for the thoughtful (and fun to read — Tina Fey! fart jokes! pizza!) response to my questions about mission-driven presses. To answer super-briefly your points [...] by

So, uh, what are you wearing? April 15, 2011: My friend Jen Olsen works at Random House as an ebook managing editor, and she is an excellent reccomender of films that, while not always good, are always good to see. The other day, she pointed [...] by

Hey ladies in the place, I’m callin’ out to ya. April 13, 2011: Whenever I get to teach Reading & Writing Poetry, in addition to the eponymous reading and writing, I like to talk about publishing, and how a manuscript of poems makes its way into the world in [...] by

Nature is a Haunted House—but Art—a House that tries to be haunted April 8, 2011: Inspired by Daisy Fried’s “Questions I Don’t Understand,” I have decided to write the first (and probably only) installment of a series I will call “Metaphors I Don’t Understand.” [...] by

Madness. Love. Poetry. Thutt. April 5, 2011: It can be seen as obnoxious to write in a public forum about one’s yoga practice. I get it. I do. But I’m going to do it anyway, in the interest of doing some craft work about [...] by

Live in your own time. April 4, 2011: Rachel Zucker asks, “Is it more important to you that your poems be timeless or timely and why?” Even as I suspected this question of positing a false dichotomy, my mind couldn’t help but slice [...] by

O, Poetry! O, Humanity! April 1, 2011: A funny thing happens every time Oprah Winfrey steps outside her perceived area of competency and into the realm of ostensibly high art: commentators line up to tell you that you don’t really need [...] by

Brooklyn, NY July 7, 2010: Sasha Fletcher and Google-Eye Puppet (photo by Lily Ladweig) Who: Leigh Stein, Sasha Fletcher, Kathleen Rooney & “Elisa Gabbert,” Jason Koo, Sommer Browning and Noah Eli Gordon, Martin Rock, [...] by