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The happiest place in Camden April 4, 2010: is not the aquarium, with its menage à trois of sardines, tunas and anchovies, not even Campbell Soup stadium, home of the Riversharks, though, it being winter, there are only steel dogs all over [...] by

Invest Here, Sensitive Soul April 1, 2010: A while back, Joseph Hutchison posted this poem on his blog: To Writing Programs: A Canticle This way, that way, that way, this, Here and there a fresh love is. —Robert Herrick, “To Bacchus, [...] by

Ann Lauterbach on Wealth, Fame and Power: January 17, 2009: Art is not entertainment, and it is not decor. It is one of the rude fallacies of our time to want to reduce all art forms, and in particular literary arts, to their most facile and elemental role, [...] by

Power, Money and Fame January 16, 2009: Linh: Everyone wants power. And money. And fame. Get over it.–Kenneth Goldsmith I don’t seem to want power or money or fame. I only seem to want food and shelter, (library) books and good [...] by

Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (7/7) January 11, 2009: Alessandro Broggi, translated by Linh Dinh: Field of Action Giulio proposes a toast. Everyone drinks. Berta laughs and receives a slap from Carlo, who reacts immediately. The woman who owns the café [...] by

Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (6/7) January 10, 2009: Michele Zaffarano, translated by Linh Dinh: a prince 1 don’t be wolves don’t be snakes don’t cry for onions let the fog cuddle you let many mountains let scorpions bathe in your own tears [...] by

Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (5/7) January 9, 2009: Florinda Fusco, translated by Laura Modigliani: 0.1 I count the bones           now that you are almost close enough         [...] by

Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (4/7) January 8, 2009: Vanni Santoni, translated by Linh Dinh: Precarious Characters Magdalene “Five thousand years of history, an entire planet, and the nastiest things of all time happened a few miles from here, not [...] by

“Player’s grandma is angry” January 7, 2009: is the current headline on Yahoo News, but it can easily be about Britney Spears’ latest hairstyle or Brad Pitt defending Jennifer Aniston “over an uncool Jolie diss.” While [...] by

Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (3/7) January 7, 2009: Marina Pizzi, translated by Laura Modigliani: Four Poems the hours excised, eroded one day I’ll go from one thing to another or with handkerchief on wrist with vermilion forefinger to ask you [...] by