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Cramming London with geniuses April 30, 2012: “I was all set to cram London with geniuses, when John Lehmann etc decided I ought to be restrained – evidently. So the festival could only be five foreigners, five Americans, five English. [...] by

Into a stranger cavern April 30, 2012: Was Mendelssohn the first composer to be inspired by train travel? I’ve been working on a commission for the Liverpool Biennial involving Edge Hill, the oldest passenger station in the world. The [...] by

I am still I April 24, 2012: Because the I must be on intimate terms with itself in order to undo itself. Because the poem is the escape of the I, not an escape from the I. Because the I of the poem is not the first person but [...] by

I am not I April 18, 2012: The lyric self has never been quite what it seems as even those in on its early days knew. “I am not I,” warned Sidney: “pitie the tale of me.” Four hundred years later, do [...] by

Rampant twig April 16, 2012: What about the poems we don’t want to remember? Sometimes a poem is badly made but sometimes it just offends our sensibilities. Aren’t those failures that haunt us useful lessons in the [...] by

Do you have to? April 9, 2012: We are half-way into the Easter weekend which here is four days long. It’s a holiday, and my difficulty is that I’ve never really seen the point of holidays. I was talking to another writer last [...] by

A Disorder of Wonder and Romance April 5, 2012: I have spent most of my life between Keats and Rimbaud. Keats and Fanny Brawne met next to the library I used as a child. Rimbaud slapped Verlaine with a fish near the pool where I learnt to swim. [...] by

A wall can talk to us April 18, 2011: I’m moving house tomorrow and while it’s a happy occasion, it has happened very fast. I’m leaving the square mile in which I was born and where I’ve lived for thirty of my years. The [...] by

Weights and Measures April 13, 2011: A wall near a poetry translation workshop I recently attended in Fes. Catalan, Slovenian, Swiss, Arabic, French. We passed our days like tailors or engineers, in a haze of geometric abstraction. by

The Concise Dictionary of Dress April 27, 2010: BRASH Confident; mistakable. CREASED The line designed by use. PRETENTIOUS Something pretending to be something that it is. REVEALING The performance of the unsustainable moment. SHARP Addressed. [...] by