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The Collective April 24, 2017: A resurgent energy pulses into shimmering expression in a city, a room, a street, beneath certain trees, when necessity sends acute though necessarily covert signals. Clearly there must be more than [...] by

The Melancholy May 2, 2013: Everybody was feeling the melancholy. Each felt it in her own way. They used the word melancholy because of global post history. The humour became a politics. The ones who claimed they weren’t [...] by

“everything is leaf. . .” April 29, 2013: As did Rousseau, Goethe botanized. At the De l’Allemagne show now up at the Louvre, pages from his herbarium are exhibited alongside more recent ones from Paul Klee. They’re near Goethe’s [...] by

Labyrinth April 22, 2013: The shut bud is blackish, dense, thumb-sized, upwards-thrusting all elegant on tall hollow stem from a low radiant whorl of narrow leaves. It smells like nothing at all. It’s only after my walk, [...] by

Observatory April 15, 2013: I’m still reading Thomas Bernhard. Now I read in an attic room in Rotterdam, bright and clear and sparse, with midnight blue carpet. There’s a skylight and three tall windows. It’s my [...] by

Transformers April 3, 2013: I’m in an isolated country house reading Thomas Carlyle as the crop sprayers pass over the fields. Sartor Resartus; both colza and wheat: the treatment cycles are never synchronized. My own [...] by

Journal, Day Five June 30, 2006: Now, all art is impossible. That is its special function. The perfume dispensing machine in the Women’s toilet at the Owen Sound bus station is called the Resemblance Distributor. A one dollar coin [...] by

Journal, Day Four June 29, 2006: Jupebeast, manga-boho, relookage: these are today’s words. I was trawling for anything about Tsumori Chisato. She’s a Tokyo- based designer I discovered this May in the glorious archive called le [...] by

Journal, Day Three June 28, 2006: Will someone go to the Guggenheim to see the Zaha Hadid show, and report back? I once sat on a red ponyskin couch she made. It was the rumpus room of some eerily wealthy Parisian collectors whose [...] by

Journal, Day Two June 27, 2006: I have wanted to read this novel, Tous Les Chevaux du Roi since 1986, when I first read about the author, Michele Bernstein, in Greil Marcus’ Lipstick Traces. This would have been my introduction [...] by