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I could be blogging or I could watch the red dog running in the field August 29, 2008: Despite this experiment with blogging, I remain jittery about how computers have changed our experience of poetry, and our experience with each other, which is a bigger question that isn’t suitable [...] by

I just had coffee with Reginald August 20, 2008: That is, his fine new poems in the Sept/Oct American Poetry Review. The poems are accompanied by a short interview that focuses on the way autobiography collides with myth in his poems–among [...] by

Lojong has nothing to do with Mahjong August 17, 2008: I’m interested in spiritual practices and like to attend demonstrations of them, such as Catholic masses, which is the tradition within which I was raised and which still seems frightening to me, [...] by

Poetry in a Small Town August 8, 2008: One of my main links with the literary world is via my mailman Ray. Ray collects defunct literary magazines, mostly gotten from Ebay. So far he’s loaned me a complete set of Hound & Horn, [...] by

The pressure is on…must come up with a post. August 1, 2008: Of late I have been occupied with real world concerns that have nothing to do with poetry, although everything has to do with poetry, I suppose. Everything is the matter, in two senses, the urgency [...] by

More Patchen July 23, 2008: Since there have been a few posts about the political poetry of Kenneth Patchen, I thought I would post a few of what he called his picture poems. These are from a book I own called Wonderings, [...] by

It’s scary to think about what your body is going to look like in forty years July 18, 2008: At the swimming pool, I am an honorary old person—I get to swim with the senior citizens, who play volleyball in the shallow end and use the deep end for water exercise. Only a few people do the [...] by

I may regret this July 12, 2008: I tried to capture Pound’s Canto LXXIII (73) but the spirit of Ez must have been thwarting me because neither scanning nor capturing from the web would work. But there is a readable translation on [...] by

The Usable Field…Let’s try this again July 2, 2008: I just finished Jane Mead’s new book, The Usable Field, and wanted to post a poem from it because I read with interest, chagrin, and both agreeable and argumentative impulses, the comments [...] by

Why are poets aligned with the left? June 23, 2008: I have pondered over this question, and was reminded again about it when the Harriet bloggers had a phone conference recently, and some kind of anti-Bush or anti-war entendre that was uttered by [...] by