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Narrative After Nature April 6, 2017: To the extent that the world is made up of narrative discourse these days, it seems to have two fundamental ingredients or axes: plausibility and syntax. I write, “To the extent..,” because I am [...] by

Disingenuity November 12, 2014: [Editor’s Note: Lucy Ives delivered a version this talk at the Poetry Foundation on October 9, 2014 as part of the Harriet Reading Series. Other “Open Door” features can be found [...] by

Time February 27, 2014: In a recent diary entry, I made a brief note I don’t entirely understand. It is as follows: Desire counterfeits time, is the voice of narration, of narrative (=promised emancipation). Here I might [...] by

Email February 24, 2014: I have been traveling for the past week, and during this week I happened to have a conversation that made me consider something that I had previously not considered. I am used to thinking that the [...] by

Misrecognition February 21, 2014: Sometimes I misread. And sometimes: words. When I was seven, in school, once a girl ran up to me and pulled me into a neighboring room, saying, “Someone wrote your name on the board.” Why, she [...] by

Novelty February 17, 2014: Having so far posted three (very) short essays in this space, I have come to a juncture at which—as I remarked in a cab that was hurtling up the BQE at 1am last night—I don’t know what I have [...] by

Pleasure February 13, 2014: I have never known what to do with it. I have never known what to say about it. I once said to someone (who was my academic advisor at the time) that it is one thing that is different for everyone. [...] by

History February 10, 2014: I now think of celebrity in America as a form of historical painting. One of the reasons we have traditionally needed the famous is so that their acts (a.k.a., “deeds”) might become events. The [...] by

How I Write Now February 4, 2014: I learned how to write in the following way: I was taught to select the most accurate word to describe a given action, object. I was taught to value precision, to seek out accuracy. It is for want [...] by