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Who Is Doris Cross? April 25, 2014: Over at the Marfa Book Company, where there is a beautiful gallery space—and where they’ve exhibited works by Robert Grenier, Roni Horn, Rosa Barba, Luis Camnitzer, Nicolas G. Miller, among other [...] by

Imagined Objects April 24, 2014: The Imagination, which we cannot anatomically locate in any rustling branch of gray matter, or toss coins into, as if a fountain—here, in this season of cruelty and of spleen, we watch Her [...] by

Stone Language April 22, 2014: On Sunday night I found myself sitting down to dinner beside the Korean artist Kim Beom. At this moment, I did not know that I was already acquainted with his work. We talked about architecture, [...] by

Akhob April 21, 2014: Akhob—James Turrell’s third installation for Louis Vuitton—opened last June at Crystals in Las Vegas.  Having missed all three retrospectives (at the Guggenheim in New York, the MFAH in [...] by