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Popular Criticism and the Paralysis of History May 2, 2014: “Hegemony is like a pillow: it absorbs blows and so sooner or later the would-be assailant will find it comfortable to rest upon” Robert Cox, Approaches to World Order After I attended a recent [...] by

SpringGun Press and the Future of Electronic Literature April 30, 2014: Electronic literature continues to be an invigorating and compelling branch of contemporary poetics.  If you are unfamiliar with Electronic Literature, check out the by

Notes on Chic@Nceptualism April 17, 2014: In the spirit of the times, here is my attempt to be “contemporary.” However, even after any number of times employing Google Translate, ethnic politics kept emerging and the lyrical [...] by

The Political Decision of Publication April 4, 2014: “I have a confession to make: I’m a little frightened. For I don’t know where my freedom will lead me. It is neither arbitrary nor libertine. But I am unbound.” -Clarice [...] by