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Radio Poésie April 2, 2010: Bonjour mes amis, This blog post comes with instructions, if you need them.  Copy all of the text, go to Google Translator, and paste into the Translate Text Box.  The below boxes should read [...] by

Voicemail Poetry June 5, 2008: With a nod to by

Birth of a Sound: Poetry Birthdays May 30, 2008: Right now, somewhere on this planet, a poet is being born. Once, for a whole year, I organized my reading life according to whose birthday occasioned a visit to the bookshelf. Normally I would choose [...] by

Poem: House in the World March 25, 2008: House In the World I’m looking for a house In the world Where the white shadows Will not fall. There is no such house, Dark brothers, No such house At all. by

Eminently Fair March 4, 2008: Australia’s leading poet Les Murray is one of the globe’s finest, and he knows it. So much so, a request to blurb a collection of poems by the poet J.K. Murphy becomes an opportunity for [...] by

When the Green Lies Over the Earth February 27, 2008: It’s the birthday of the poet Angelina Weld Grimké, born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1880, a member of the distinguished biracial Grimké family, some members of which were important in the [...] by

Wallace Stevens After “Lunch” February 4, 2008: It happened during the meeting of the National Book Award committee that gave the poetry prize to Marianne Moore. While waiting for Peter Viereck, the last of the judges, delayed by a snowstorm, to [...] by

Celebrity Poetry January 20, 2008: What is it about celebrity poets that rile “serious” writers of poetry? With each new collection of poems by an actor or music recording star, envy mounts as does the high levels of indifference [...] by

Add to Cart January 16, 2008: While Professor Stanley Fish argues the lack of relative worth of the Humanities over at the NYTIMES, I thought I would visit a few of my local, online rare books websites to gauge the fair market [...] by