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The History of Art January 14, 2008: Journal Entry – Saturday, Jan 12th: Bennington, VT At the graduation ceremonies this evening, Frank Bidart began his address with this emphatic warning: “The history of taste is not the [...] by

Elevator Girls January 3, 2008: One of my great treasures last year was the discovery of Japanese photographer Miwa Yanagi’s Elevator Girls series, which upon first viewing felt like large stills from an early Hype Williams [...] by

Book Parties December 28, 2007: Is there any moment more fulfilling and celebratory in a writer’s life than the book party? I have hosted one of my own, but have attended nearly a half-dozen and have found all of them superbly [...] by

Right On! December 22, 2007: Congratulations to poets Nikki Giovanni, Gregory Pardlo, and Tracy K. Smith. They are finalists for the first annual Essence Literary Award in the category of Poetry. Their books are: Acolytes by [...] by

Asian American Writers’ Workshop December 20, 2007: Occasionally, I like to visit the Asian American Writers’ Workshop website and when possible attend one of its literary events in New York City. One of the great joys of the contemporary arts [...] by

What’s In & What’s Out -2008 (Part I) December 5, 2007: I love year-ending “What’s In & What’s Out” lists for the upcoming year. They are authoritative, self-generating, biased, and goofy. I thought I’d get a head-start [...] by

Some Thoughts on a Snowy Day in Vermont December 4, 2007: December 4, 2007 – 8:43am When I moved to Vermont, I knew I was signing up for long winters, which was fine by me, because I knew the cold, hard days and nights would be ameliorated by [...] by

First Loves November 30, 2007: Debit: As an Accounting major at Temple University, enrolling in an Introduction to Poetry course was an indulgence beyond rationale for many of my friends and family. Credit: Of course I had [...] by

Poetry & Influence of the Non-literary Variety November 29, 2007: So many strands/strains of the old country and other people’s cultural traditions inform the arts of the Americas, even if we do not readily acknowledge them. Klezmer, Blue-grass, Deep soul, [...] by

More Academic Bashing: The Kids Want More November 27, 2007: I admire David Mason’s article “The Limits of the Literary Movement” in the December ’07 issue of AWP’s The Writer’s Chronicle. Mr. Mason rightly calls our attention to the injustice of [...] by