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Journal, Day Five July 14, 2006: And now, this week’s recap boys and girls! How did I get here?—Talking Heads. How did we get here? Ruth Lilly Haiku one hundred million lotta moolah to manage poetry bullion My blogging [...] by

Journal, Day Four July 13, 2006: Gray day, mists and drizzle, the sky and lake both slate—and now a downpour lashing the lilies— Ballad weather report:— The wind doth blow today, my love, And a few small drops of rain; I never [...] by

Journal, Day Three July 12, 2006: On the dispersion of poetry throughout Virginia Woolf—seeds suddenly blossoming in her prose’s surface: most recently reminded of this in Between the Acts—the scenes of the village play [...] by

Journal, Day Two July 11, 2006: Raspberries ripening some perfected each day and blueberries one beat behind— Strawberries now past; daylilies saluting in orange— Bluebird eggs found in the houses nearby— Katie Peterson [...] by

Journal, Day One July 10, 2006: The fortuitous conjunctions and rhymes of reading: the incinerated goldfinches of Australian poet Robert Adamson’s The Goldfinches of Baghdad (2006), and the terrible pathos of the dead [...] by