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Another miner dies in Raleigh County, West Virginia April 24, 2010: At approximately 11:30pm Thursday evening, another coal miner was killed in Raleigh County, West Virginia. Still unnamed, still anonymous in the news reports, the miner was crushed to death, pinned [...] by

Documentary Poetics April 17, 2010: Yesterday afternoon, Juliana Spahr and I spoke at a graduate student symposium on “Documentary Poetry and the Long Poem” at the University of Utah. The students, primarily from Paisley Rekdal’s [...] by

25 miners killed in West Virginia coal mine blast April 6, 2010: For the past several years – since the Sago mine disaster on January 2, 2006, to be precise – I have been closely tracking the global mining industries and their horrific record on worker safety. [...] by

Lumière, Redux (Redux) April 4, 2010: In response to Nick Twemlow’s recent post on the Lumière and Company project and his comments on “constraint-based methods” of composition, I wanted to pose a foil — or perhaps [...] by

Happy New Year? January 5, 2009: Thanks to some offline encouragement, I’ve decided to start re-posting my column here at Harriet once a month or so. In my time away, I’ve been penning reviews of new working-class poetry volumes [...] by

Labor Day Adieu August 31, 2008: Several years ago in my essay for a special symposium on Adrienne Rich published in the Virginia Quarterly Review (82:2), I outlined a series of industrial accidents and union/social movement [...] by

“The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming!” August 29, 2008: 2.86 miles. According to Mapquest.com, that’s the distance from my front door to the barricades outside the entrance to the Republican National Convention, which opens on Monday at the Xcel Energy [...] by

Fences, Workers’ Theatre, & the CPT(s) August 20, 2008: One of the unadulterated joys of living in the Twin Cities is the presence of the Penumbra Theater just a few blocks down the road from my house. Founded in 1976 by director Lou Bellamy, Penumbra has [...] by

Summer Shorts August 16, 2008: As I bask in the humid afternoons of August sipping a mint julep on the shore of Lake Wobegone (ok, I’m actually utterly landlocked in my office, wearing a COSATU t-shirt, sans beverage, but [...] by

Prairie Style: An interview with C.S. Giscombe August 12, 2008: Mark: There’s a wonderful anecdote early in June Jordan’s Soldier: A Poet’s Childhood about waiting as a young child for the arrival of a train, that “moaning in the dark,” that [...] by