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On ‘Blackacre’ June 3, 2015: [Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Monica Youn’s “Blackacre” appears in the June 2015 issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on [...] by

OF POETRY AND POWER: REFLECTIONS ON THE INAUGURATION January 21, 2009: A little over a year ago, at a house party in Harlem, through some fluke I ended up standing within 5 feet of Barack Hussein Obama as he delivered his stump speech. Close enough to note hangnails, [...] by

Journal, Day Five August 11, 2006: “The invisible has a mocking tendency to present itself as the visible, as if it might be distinguished from everything else, but only under certain circumstances, such as the clearing away of [...] by

Journal, Day Four August 10, 2006: Current favorite pop-culture expression: a tie between “Rokkin’ like Dokken” and “It’s pronounced . . . ‘biotech.’” (Use the comment space on this blog to cast your vote.) * * * So I [...] by

Monica Youn: Journal, Day Three August 9, 2006: On the train heading upstate now, the Amtrak Albany line—certainly one of the most gorgeous train trips anywhere: gold west-slanting sun ricocheting off the Hudson, sailboats, a backdrop of the [...] by

Journal, Day Two August 8, 2006: So two days ago, my old PC laptop, which is about 4 years old (that’s 88 in computer years), and whose hard drive has been making piteous asthmatic noises for months, had some sort of final aphasic [...] by

Journal, Day One August 7, 2006: Skkkkrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! is the sound my bare feet make as they skid to a halt on the very cliff’s edge of last week’s theory / syntax debate on this site. Thwiptfwiptfwiptfwiptfwipt! is [...] by