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Second Person March 28, 2012: for You IF YOU WON’T LET US DREAM WE WON’T LET YOU SLEEP is what signs in Tahrir Square said in the days of the Arab Spring. In this case, we know who the YOU is. As Jane Sprague says, in her [...] by

Translations of Awareness March 21, 2012: The eleventh hour fleeting as if it’s your hand I’m holding for Stacy Doris I look up from reading. Sun. A bird lands on the roof of the building opposite. Side-tracks, deviations—the dérive? [...] by

Daive, Donkey, Monkeying Around March 14, 2012: My translation of Jean Daive’s A Woman With Several Lives (Une Femme de quelques vies, Flammarion 2009) has just come out from La Presse. Recently, an old friend and an editor in Canada asked who [...] by

This and That March 6, 2012: Why are we looking at this—what does this have to do with poetry (writing poetry) now? Said in class with some exasperation by a student. The this doesn’t matter. Its matter could be anything. [...] by