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My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 16, 2013: Robert Lax Poems (1962-1997) The decision to go with a page wide enough to isolate Lax’s skinny poems was brilliant. The poems pop off the ample pages to invoke the massive void his poems called [...] by

I Love Poets: An Interview with Chris Kraus (Part II) July 31, 2013: This is the second part of an email exchange I recently  conducted with Chris Kraus. Read part one here. NT: Earlier in our interview, you wrote, “It’s the kind of writing that could no [...] by

I Love Poets: An Interview with Chris Kraus July 23, 2013: After an introduction, what follows is the beginning of an email exchange I am currently conducting with Chris Kraus. More will follow in the coming days. I Love Dick (Semiotext(e), 1997), Chris [...] by

Cool Cool, Little Dinosaur (Goldsmith Infinite Redux: Magna Carta…Holy Grail) July 15, 2013: So, Kenneth Goldsmith got the stamp of approval from Dwight Garner and the New York Times. This rave in such a valuable piece of literary real estate will piss off a lot of people, which is [...] by

All Tomorrow’s Parties July 8, 2013: Barbara Kruger is a rich artist. Richard Prince is a very rich artist. Kruger is famous for her use of words in her visual works. Prince is famous for his use of other people’s pictures in his own. [...] by

Virtual Literalism April 27, 2010: Here is Strange Company’s 1999 take on Shelley’s “Ozymandias.” Please be aware that I wrote “1999.” That date is mostly why I didn’t bother with an [...] by

Halomadworldlangstonhughes April 27, 2010: After reviewing the audio I recorded wandering the book fair and bars of AWP, I concluded that nothing turned up worth mixing and posting. The best piece I heard was a desperate conversation between [...] by

Barbaric AWP April 18, 2010: I am late to the post-AWP wrap-up party, I suppose, but nonetheless, I have a few thoughts about my four-and-a-half days in Denver. One thing, I talked to several people, some friends, some just [...] by

Lumière, Redux April 3, 2010: I’ve been working on films lately, short ones, and, in conjunction with teaching a film and video production class, have been watching a lot of short films. In the course I teach, there’s an [...] by

Match Point September 14, 2008: David Foster Wallace by Nick Maniatis Fiction doesn’t come up much here on Harriet, but I’m guessing most Harriet readers look at it now and then. That’s a bad segue to the sad news that David [...] by