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Some Final Thoughts, With Gratitude May 1, 2013: I haven’t been the most prolific blogger this month, but I have been eagerly reading my fellow bloggers’ posts, as well as some of the responses that have come through the transom. One thing [...] by

The Defense of the Poesy Workshoppe April 15, 2013: This week I’ve been thinking about Alan Davies’s wonderful and provocative recent post in which he discusses Sarah Schulman’s new book The Gentrification of the Mind. I’ve been thinking in [...] by

All Over the Map April 9, 2013: So after my last post about National Poetry Month which was, as my dog pointed out, a tiny bit crotchety, I decided to take a little break. Snark from me comes as no surprise to my dog or my family, [...] by

It’s National Poetry Month! I’m so sorry April 1, 2013: So here I am blogging for National Poetry Month, a fact which will amuse friends of mine who know how ambivalent I am about this time. National Poetry Month is one of those collective self-shaming [...] by