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Poetry Banksy April 24, 2014: The world is abuzz with rumors of a Poetry Banksy, an anonymous art idiot who runs around cities blowing up the status quo with his ideas. He defaces. He mutilates. He subverts. He smears ink on [...] by

Is It Work? April 15, 2014: A neighbor famously called Robert Frost the laziest man in the world, not just because he sat on the porch all day staring at nature like it was television, but also because he was constantly falling [...] by

Six Facts about Pens April 10, 2014: 1. The first dildo was a pen. 2. Pens are still used as dildos today. 3. Ah 4. Ah 5. Ohhh 6. Ahh by

A Diagnosis of the Maladies of Poets of the Modern Age April 9, 2014: * in which I answer the pressing question: what is wrong with us? *   Choked on sunlight streaming through window   Loss of mental erections   Ate McDonald’s hamburger as a child [...] by