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Journal, Day 53 October 27, 2006: Seattle, WA / Bill Wesley, the bus driver I left home (the Green Tortoise bus yard in Oakland, CA) on July 7th deadheading a bus to Anchorage, AK with a crew of two other drivers, then drove two 14 [...] by

Journal, Day 52 October 26, 2006: Portland, OR / Bill Wesley, the bus driver I’m sitting in a doughnut shop in Portland when Joshua and Linas come in and ask me to go back to the bus to re-enact for the camera the many times Joshua [...] by

Journal, Day 51 October 25, 2006: Portland, OR / Bill Wesley, the bus driver It’s a little hard to leave Ashland, both mentally, since we had such a gracious and welcoming host, Vincent Craig Wright, and physically, as I had a bit [...] by

Journal, Day 50 October 24, 2006: San Francisco, CA & Ashland, OR / Bill Wesley, the bus driver I wake in the Mission with coffee on my mind, and more than just my first blog to be nervous about—I’ve written four poems and [...] by

Journal, Day 49 October 23, 2006: Los Angeles, CA & San Francisco, CA / Edwin Torres It’s Saturday night in LA. “I look fabulous, for someone my type,” sez the starlet on the rooftop bar . . . looking for a drink from this [...] by

Journal, Day 46 October 20, 2006: Los Angeles, CA / Edwin Torres We’re in a bowling alley today . . . I mean, we’re in a back alley hackshop . . . oh wait a minute, we’re in Santa Cruz today. Well, the bus is but I’m not . . [...] by

Journal, Day 45 October 19, 2006: Los Angeles, CA / Jen Bervin I’ve been getting two to four hours of sleep each night (jetlag/epic days) since Sunday and it’s officially catching up. I’m run down. I slept on bus in the [...] by

Journal, Day 44 October 18, 2006: Las Vegas, NV / Jen Bervin We woke up in the Econolodge in Flagstaff to brilliant cold and free waffles. The headlines in the morning papers: “Baking Bread Still Satisfies” “Arizona is the [...] by

Journal, Day 43 October 17, 2006: Flagstaff, AZ / Jen Bervin So little language in the sacred but so much else. O Roden Crater. With hearts full to bursting in space I saw my friends. Yesterday I wrote “Precise and glacially [...] by

Journal, Day 42 October 16, 2006: Cassis, France, en route to Phoenix, AZ / Jen Bervin So I am not in anywhere USA nor am I crammed on a bus with 50 cities and 50 poets. I’ve been in France at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, [...] by