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Journal, Day 39 October 13, 2006: Houston, TX / Gillian Conoley Reading in Austin was at Big Red Sun, landscaping company with a beautiful outdoor space, white gravel spread, succulent plants, large stage. Readings including many [...] by

Journal, Day 38 October 12, 2006: Houston, TX / Gillian Conoley Everyone Has Lost Track of Number of Days on the Bus Houston is steamy, rainy, lush. Big fat long-haired gray cat just galloped across lawn between the Cy Twombly Museum [...] by

Journal, Day 37 October 11, 2006: Tuscaloosa, AL & New Orleans, LA / Gillian Conoley Poetry Bus rolled into New Orleans at 6 pm. On the bus: Travis Nichols, Joshua Beckman, Matthew Zapruder, Michael Zapruder, Tonya Foster, [...] by

Journal, Day 36 October 10, 2006: Tuscaloosa, AL / Gillian Conoley Ok, I know I’m back-tracking, but why must things on the bus be linear? It’s good work being on the Poetry Bus, but it’s exhausting work, too. Sleeping on the [...] by

Journal, Day 35 October 9, 2006: Durham, NC; Asheville, NC; Athens, GA / Carrie St. George Comer On the plane to Durham. I’m reading poetry so I’m paranoid, but the family around me is paying less attention to me than I am to [...] by

Journal, Day 32 October 6, 2006: Miami, FL en route to Durham, NC / Carrie St. George Comer This’ll be brief. I’m running out the door to catch my plane to Durham, and I’ve got a mantra in my head: “You are not a get-it-done [...] by

Journal, Day 31 October 6, 2006: Miami, FL / Carrie St. George Comer Tomorrow I get on a plane headed to Durham, NC, where I’ll meet up with up with the Poetry Bus. I’ve never been to Durham. I’ve never ridden a poetry bus. I [...] by

Journal, Day 30 October 4, 2006: Chevy Chase, MD and Washington D.C. / Catie Rosemurgy The Bus pulled into Chevy Chase right outside D.C. yesterday afternoon, and ever since everyone has been enjoying a long, slow [...] by

Journal, Day 29 October 3, 2006: En route, at, and leaving the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD / Catie Rosemurgy Firing up the bus at 10:54 am and getting ready to address the cadets of the Naval Academy. It’s fun to listen to [...] by

Journal, Day 28 October 2, 2006: Philadelphia, PA / Catie Rosemurgy It’s almost midnight on Monday night, and the Poetry Bus is rolling out of Philly. There goes Betsy Ross’s house. There goes the Ben Franklin Bridge. There goes [...] by